Teen Wolf S6E6, Review – Ghosted

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Teen Wolf — “ ” — Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV — © 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved

Now that the pack knows Stiles is alive, they are re-energized to hunt him down and bring him back home. It doesn’t seem like such a lost cause after hearing his voice, even with the threat of the Ghost Riders hanging over their head.

Throughout the years, Lydia has been on the short end of the stick regarding most events in Beacon Hills. Which is why when she’s pulled through a mirror into the 1980s to an event called Canaan day; it’s no surprise to her or Malia who is later updated.To Lydia, this is another unnerving dream she’s forced to live out; watching as the townspeople are taken by the Ghost Riders, all but one woman.

The town’s name is important– before Stiles’ communication was cut off he asked Scott and Lydia to look into Canaan. It’s a place that isn’t on any modern map, and with all the disappearances around Beacon Hills it is worth looking into to see if they faced a similar fate.

When the trio arrives in Canaan, it’s just like Lydia dreamed; desolate and abandoned. It’s like they are looking into Beacon Hill’s future if the disappearances continue. It’s becoming increasingly clear that finding Stiles is about to get even harder.The town is making Scott and Malia hallucinate with violent visions of death and suffering, something Lydia recognizes and quickly snaps them out of it so they can continue. She hurries them along through the town until they find Lenore, the only person left in town after the Ghost Riders raided Canaan.

Teen Wolf — “ ” — Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV — © 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved

In Scott’s absence, I’m surprised to see Liam take charge with Hayden, ready to take on the Ghost Riders again. It’s ambitious, and with Scott focusing on Stiles, he is mostly on his own. Lucky for him Hayden is resourceful, smart, and just as passionate about protecting her town. Unfortunately for both of them, Mr. Douglas is ready to take advantage of their desperation and offers his help. This test tube wolf who snaps skulls open is all too willing to fight the Ghost Riders, and it’s not clear if he sees them as a threat or an ally.

With the charismatic teacher leading them on, Liam is still ready to make stupid choices. It’s clear for the next plan they need someone to absorb electricity. While Kira would be the clear choice, Liam’s plan is to bring Theo back from the grave. Theo gained Chimera Josh’s power of absorbing electricity, so this is who we’re going with. It’s nice Kira’s memory is involved as her mother briefly returns to offer Liam her sword to help resurrect Theo, but would have been even nicer to have Kira back herself. It’s clear this will come at a hefty price, as Theo will now become Liam’s responsibility.

Teen Wolf — “ ” — Photo Credit: Scott Everett White/MTV — © 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved

Theo’s return makes the new team up with Mr. Douglas even more interesting– it’s clear he knows who he is and possibly his goal, but does not disclose it initially. With Kira’s sword, Liam has the power to kill Theo, yet he doesn’t exercise it once they find out he no longer has any powers he once absorbed and cannot help with their lightning problem. Turns out his memory of Stiles and knowledge of the Ghost Riders is enough to be useful and Liam chooses to keep him around.

Scott’s absence has left not only Liam fending for himself, but Melissa as well. Chris’ condition rapidly deteriorates and without her ingenuity and ability to learn on the fly, he would be dead. Just as she is talented in human medicine, it seems with a bit of instruction Mama McCall can heal Ghost Rider wounds all the same. I love she’s taking charge, the skills she’s learning will help Scott in the future if he or anyone else in the pack suffer the same fate as Chris.

Visiting Canaan was suppose to lead Scott, Lydia, and Malia to Stiles, or at least we hoped it would. Instead, it nearly kills Scott and Malia and makes Lydia’s fate very clear; when the Ghost Riders take everyone in Beacon Hills, she will be the last one left because she is a Banshee. It’s a depressing truth that sets Lydia back as the hopeless reality sets in.

At home, instead of recouping from the short trip to Canaan, Scott is forced to come face to face with another enemy brought back from beyond; Theo. From Scott’s restrained reaction, and Malia’s attack it becomes clear to Theo his return was never passed by Scott for approval. Liam has the knack to make all the wrong choices: bringing back Theo can mean nothing but trouble ahead.

This episode had the Sheriff fairly quiet after his outburst with Scott’s insistence that Stiles is not only real, but his son. Yet, their interaction is enough to have him examining his life closer. Looking at Claudia’s medical file, peeling the wallpaper off where Lydia had started her work… is he seeing the seams come undone from the lie that was set up? The Sheriff is intelligent and despite the overall gloomy outcome, I believe he will be spearheading Stiles’ search soon enough. The Ghost Riders, as daunting as they are, do not seem to be the real enemy in Beacon Hills and I cannot wait to see how Mr. Douglas and Claudia come into play.


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