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The Librarians: And the Rise of Chaos, And the Fangs of Death

Original air dates: November 20th 2016 and November 27th 2016

Warning: Spoilerslibrarians-season-3-poster-722x1024

Okay, quick overview if you haven’t seen (or forgotten) any previous episodes. The Librarian first started as TV movies starring Noah Wyle as Flynn Carsen. He was the newest “Librarian,” the original being Judson (Bob Newhart) . The Librarian keeps the world safe from magical objects and the evil doers set to use them—think Indiana Jones meets Warehouse 13. The Librarians came about when magic was released into the world and the job became too much for just one person. So now, and for two previous seasons, the group of Librarians, their Guardian (keeps The Librarians safe) and the Library’s Caretaker (keeps the artifacts in The Library safe), work together to keep the world safe. Last season the big bad The Librarians fought was Prospero (from Shakespeare’s The Tempest). The Rise of Chaos introduces us to this season’s big bad: Apep, the Egyptian God of Chaos.

Eve, the Guardian (Rebecca Romjin) and all the Librarians, Flynn, Jake, Cassandra and Ezekiel (Noah Wyle, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, and John Harlan Kim) follow a lead giving to them by the Clippings Book (A magic book that tells them where to go) and investigate some strange occurrences that are happening at The Boston Science Museum. Apep (released when his sarcophagus was unearthed) possessed a body and went to the museum because underneath it a previous Librarian hid a key to a portal to pure evil.  Also, and now this was just poor planning, the portal is right under the museum as well. Apep’s power, besides possession, is to cause discourse between people. To counter the dissonance, The Librarians must work in harmony. In this case, they form an impromptu acapella group. They subdue Apep and keep the portal from opening. This however, is just the beginning of the ultimate war between good and evil.2016-11-29-1

The first two seasons led to their ability to defeat (for the time being) Apep. It took this long to get them to truly become a team and I think for this show to find it’s groove. I admit the first season is rough, I mean rough, as the timing isn’t there. To be honest, I only stuck it out for Christian Kane—does anyone else miss Leverage as much as I do? Also—Bruce Campbell as Santa—come on, I had to keep watching. So, if you haven’t watched season one, good news it is on Netflix. Just give it some time and let it work out it’s growing pains.

Season two is better. Though, the whole not being able to work together as a unit got a little old. Adding Prospero as a big bad helped unify the characters. Delving more into back stories also helped create depth and well-roundedness to the characters. As campy as the singing in harmony was, it did perfectly symbolize the point the show has now attained. This episode also created another story arc. We are introduced to another big bad (or potential ally) in D.O.S.A: The Department of Statistical Anomalies. A non-magical threat on The Librarians work, led by General Rockwell (Vanessa Williams).  I am sure they will be a hindrance to The Librarians work in upcoming episodes, but will D.O.S.A. be the one thing to tip the scales in defeating Apep?

Episode two, And the Fangs of Death. find our Librarians in a trap created by Apep to kill them all (I mean, why else set a trap?).  Apep uses Charlene (Jane Curtain), the original Guardian, to lure the Librarians to a subterranean supercollider facility.  Apep uses the supercollider to open a rift and bring forth Anubis, the Egyptian God of cemeteries and embalming—but in this show: the first werewolf. I mean yes, Anubis is usually associated with the jackal, but recent reclassification shows it is an African golden Wolf, so sure—werewolf.  The facility is in lockdown, and Anubis infects some of the workers, turning them into werewolves.  To keep them from infecting the world, one of the workers decides to blow up the supercollider and everyone in the facility. After some moping– because Flynn thinks Apep possessed Charlene, open the rift, and then killed her– he decides it would be better use the collider to send Anubis back from whence he came. They pull it off, with Eve and Jenkins (John Larroquette) arriving just in time to help.  Apep shows up to watch them die, but instead winds up being sucked into the rift with Anubis and the other werewolves.  Once the footage of Apep opening the rift is magically (Cassandra used magic) put back together, it shows Charlene wasn’t at the facility. She escaped and Flynn is off to find her; he thinks she knows how defeat Apep. She and Judson did it once before.

For those not up on their Egyptian Mythology, there is a book Egyptians priests used called The Book of Overthrowing Apep, which describes the rite called the ‘Banishing of Chaos’. So, um Librarians… I think that might be what you are looking for, just a guess. Flynn in episode one of this season was looking at The Book of the Dead (the Egyptian one, not the Evil Dead one), so he should know about the other book. I love the use of Egyptian mythology we are getting this season. I hope we get more. Maybe Ra will make an appearance– use Apep’s oldest and greatest enemy against him. I hope we get a mummy episode in the likeness of Boris Karloff’s The Mummy, as well. The Librarians must go to Egypt at some point this season—oh! Maybe go to Egypt and back in time, how fun would that be?

I am on the fence about Flynn going off on his own again for everyone else’s protection. I think Noah Wyle doesn’t want to be in every episode so the writers create ways to explain his disappearances, like the missing artifacts last season, but to me it is rude. Character-wise I feel he is keeping the group at arm’s length, especially Eve. As much as I wanted them to get together, now I think she can do better. I know, I would be very saddened at the thought of losing a dear friend, but when he thought she was dead and he sort of gave up for a moment—well, first it gave my flashbacks to my least favorite season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Something about Gods, bringing our protagonists down). Second, it seemed very out of character. What’s going on Flynn? I used to think Flynn was a key ingredient to making this show work. Now I am looking forward to see the other Librarians step up and start becoming The Librarians Eve saw in the Prospero premonition at the end of last season.

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