#AmericanHorrorStory S6E10 Review: Chapter 10


American Horror Story Roanoke: Chapter 10

Original air date: November 16th, 2016

Warning: Spoilers2016-11-18-32

Before I watch, I swear to the television gods, if Lee goes back to the farmhouse—I am going to yell at my TV very loudly, as there isn’t much else I can do.

Well it has been quite the adventure this season. I have enjoyed it, and in some ways, it might be my favorite. It took all my guilty television pleasures and twisted them into a nightmare. (I mean that as a compliment.)  My favorite season still is Coven, but this might be a close second. Especially after this final episode.2016-11-18-2

“Their nightmare was our dream.”

The episode starts with a footage from Paleyfest 2016; the Roanoke Nightmare cast is there, alive and well, before season two. Being no stranger to the Con circuit or PaleyFest, AHS perfectly depicted the experience. They have the cheering fans, the cosplay, the obligatory questions and statements from the fans: What’s your favorite color? Can I get a hug? Your show saved my life. Here is some fan art.

Next we see two online videos. One has a fan from Paleyfest asking: how did everything go so wrong? The cast is dead and Lee Harris is going to trial for murder. The next video is of Lot Polk; he plans on getting his own justice for what Lee did to his family (taking his babies and killing his kin). I have a feeling that this won’t be the last we see of him.2016-11-18-5

“She was a woman who had it all, until she cracked.”

The episode switches gear to another television format. Much like the show Snapped (On Oxygen, it is a true crime series that follows women killers), we are presented Crack’d with an episode dedicated to Lee. In the episode we learn that Lee was tried and found not guilty for the murders that happened during season two of My Roanoke Nightmare. It was the Polk’s marijuana, apparently—it caused hallucinations and extreme paranoia. Plus all the torture she went through gave the jury reasonable doubt. Lee is then tried for the murder of Mason. Again, she is found not guilty. The prosecution put Flora on the stand and she said she saw Lee kill Mason with a rock when she was hiding in the woods. The defense points out Flora also said she was hiding in the woods with ghosts, proving she has an active imagination.2016-11-18-9

“It’s always been about her. At my darkest times, she kept me alive.”

Switching it up again, we have The Lana Winters Special. Lana Winters decides to come out of retirement to interview Lee. The reason Lee opts for the interview is because of Lana’s background and all she has been through (all of AHS season 2).  Lee uses the interview to tell Flora that she loves her and wants to talk to her. Lana then drops the bomb that Flora is missing, she has disappeared from her grandparents’ home (great, she’s going to be at the farmhouse, I just know it). Lana asks Lee if she has her– Lee denies it and before anything else can be done, gunshots are heard. Lot Polk arrives with an assault rifle looking for revenge. He knocks out Lana and is shot before he can shoot Lee.2016-11-18-12


“Man, I haven’t been this freaked out since we were in that asylum.”

We switch platforms again and now we are seeing footage from the Spirit Chasers. I had given up on a paranormal team showing up, since this was the last episode, but they did! (Told you.)  They have broken into the farmhouse and are investigating with Ashley Gilbert (Cricket re-enactor). Of course, they decide to investigate during the blood moon.

Bob Kinnerman and Dave Elder are the hosts and Lead Investigators of Spirit Chasers; Tracy Logan is their Tech Manager. Ashley Gilbert is there now as well, because he wasn’t asked to participate in Three Days in Hell. The team has rigged the house with full spectrum cameras. They have thermal cameras, and EMF readers also—all the bells and whistles to capture evidence of spirit activity.  Once night falls they start the investigation.

They have all the typical responses to what may be paranormal activity: their arm hair is standing up, they have goose bumps, the hair on the back of their neck is up, and they feel the energy in the house has changed. There are bumps in the night, there are phantom breezes… and then there is Lee. (Dammit Lee—insert my yelling at the TV here.)

“Chasers don’t run.”

Lee has spent the last two weeks looking for Flora and in a final attempt to find her she has come back to the farmhouse. She followed Priscilla into the house, as the little girl took Flora once; it stands to reason she may have taken her again. The Spirit Chasers offer to help Lee locate Flora and she tells them to leave before it is too late. (Something tells me it already is.)

They don’t leave. Bob follows Lee while the others are downstairs. Mr. Piggy makes an appearance and Ashley thinks he can get rid of him with the magic word, “Croatoan”; it doesn’t work and Ashley joins the rest of the MRN cast. One of the Spider-Chens grabs Dave and carries him away.  Rightly, Tracy and the camera person run away.

Upstairs, Bob sees the nurses and decides, yeah maybe he should leave. He books it out of there with his camera person and they head towards the lights of arriving police officers. Tracy and her camera operator get picked off by The Butcher. Bob and his camera operator almost make it but get filled with arrows from the settlers, along with two officers. Lee stays in the house and finds Flora.2016-11-18-33

“It’s always been about Flora.”

The media has caught wind that Lee is in the farmhouse and has Flora, where things are being  spun as a hostage situation. Reporters are interviewing anyone left alive associated with the MRN series. William Van Henderson (Dr. Elias Cunningham) talks about his interactions with Lee—she wears Shalimar. Also, for the record, he chose not to do season two. Lana Winters (out of the hospital after Lot’s attack) is also talking about Lee. She likens herself and Lee to “dogs with bones”. They will see something to the end– in this case Lee and her daughter.2016-11-18-34

Lee is with Flora and wants her to leave, but Flora wants to stay with Priscilla and keep her safe from The Butcher. She wants to do that by dying and being like Priscilla. Lee has a better idea; she will stay in Flora’s place. She will keep Priscilla safe and Flora will get to live her life. Priscilla and Flora accept. Lee sets fire to the house, and while Flora leaves, Priscilla shoots Lee. As Flora is driven away, she sees Lee and Priscilla together.  As night falls the angry ghost mob approaches the burning house. (I hope the remaining officers skedaddle soon.)2016-11-18-30

In Lana’s quote, “It’s always been about Flora,” I think we are told what this season, and in some ways what all the seasons, are about. There have been many momma bears willing to do anything to save and protect their children.

Season one, we had Constance: misguidedly and fiercely protective of her children and grandson. Even Vivian– it seemed the only time she showed real gumption was to protect her children. In season two: Lana gives up her son for adoption. That may not seem like protecting a child, but the way the child was conceived, she knew she couldn’t love him how she should. The hope was for him to find a loving family and when things didn’t go that way, when he became “Bloody Face,” she put him down. He wasn’t a viable person, sadly, and there wasn’t a chance of reforming him. Killing him was an act of love and an act of mercy. Season three: Fiona Goode loved Cordelia Foxx in her own twisted way, and protected her. All the girls there were like children to Cordelia who couldn’t bear her own.  Season four: Ethel Darling did a lot to protect jimmy from truths she thought would hurt him.  Elsa Mars, considered her “freaks” her children, and tried to keep them safe. Again, in a very misguided, unhealthy sort of way, but it is still important to note. Last season we had Dr. Alex Lowe unable to accept her missing child as dead; she became a “vampire” to stay with him, once she did find him. The Countess even protected her creepy baby all those years. So more on the nose, the theme that ties the seasons together is mothers trying to protect their children and majorly messing up.

It seems we have some orphaned kids (if you don’t count ghosts as legal guardians) running around. Last season there was talk of a boarding school: I wonder if we’ll hear more about it, maybe next season? I guess it is time to start guessing what next year’s theme will be.

Also—I know it won’t happen—but how awesome would it be to have an AHS Christmas special with the whole ghost cast of MRN together in a reunion special. Ghost Sidney could be putting it together (There are plenty of ghost crew members) and the cast is all bitter about being dead, except Agnes. She and The Butcher have become best friends. I’m just throwing it out there.

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