Arrow S05E07 “Vigilante” Review

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Warning Contains Spoilers

Arrow has really stepped up this year with season five; it has been decent episode after decent episode. There was a filler type episode thrown in, but overall they’ve been pretty solid. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it hasn’t happened yet. This week’s episode was yet another strong one and I hope it continues for the rest of the season.

We were introduced to a new villain in a mask this week named The Vigilante. He kills a few criminals and drops them at the door step of the Star City Police Department. The team doesn’t take too kindly to this because they aren’t in the business of killing; he’s giving vigilantes a bad name. Oliver especially doesn’t care for him because he reminds him of his killing days when he first returned to the city. It was not revealed tonight who The Vigilante is, but District Attorney Adrian Chase–as I stated when he was introduced–has an alter ego with the same name in the comics; it’s possible that he is the new threat. He is all about justice and clearing Star City of all crime so it wouldn’t be surprising if he went about it this way instead of the old fashioned way.

Diggle was pretty upset this episode because he had to miss his son’s birthday party for a few reasons; one huge one being he’s a wanted fugitive of the US Military. That kind of puts a damper on one’s plans to be a present father. Since he and Wild Dog have become good friends, Wild Dog arranged with Lyla to bring his son’s birthday to him. This was a really sweet moment– and a surprising one from Wild Dog. We haven’t gotten to see a softer side to him so it was nice to see him doing something nice, instead of brooding in the corner. Wild Dog is growing, everyone, he’s growing! I wonder if Diggle will ever find out that they actually had a daughter in another timeline. The four-part crossover event is coming up, so maybe Barry Allen will tell him.

Reporter Susan and Oliver got closer this week–too close. The flirting escalated to having a drink outside the office and will only escalate further since we all know Oliver is dumb when it comes to women. She is so fake and is obviously trying to get Oliver in a vulnerable position so she could get a story. She knows he lied about being on the Island the whole five years he was missing, so it’s only a matter of time before she exploits that. She brought up the Twitter war with someone from Russia as a subtle way of seeing how Oliver reacts to Russia. She is looking for her big break to sky rocket her fame and if Oliver isn’t careful, she’s going to get it. Oliver needs to move on from Felicity for all of our sakes, but does it have to be with Susan? Does he not remember all the problems she caused in the beginning of the season and how much Thea hates her? I really hope this doesn’t become a serious relationship because it won’t end well.


Quentin and Thea continued to prove that they have the best written scenes this season. Thea genuinely cares about Quentin and wants nothing more than to see him get better. She isn’t disappointed when he tells her he continued drinking after the meeting she brought him to– she is just concerned. He tells her he found the throwing star in his apartment and she doesn’t think for one second that he might be Prometheus. She knows him and knows he would never cause harm to his loved ones. She believes in him, no matter how many times he pushes her away, or  tells her he’s a lost; she is there for him. He finally hit his breaking point tonight about how much it hurts that Laurel died. He broke down in front of Thea who was the most supportive; she told him she knows it hurts, but that every excuse is just keeping him from feeling what he needs to feel.

He thinks Laurel would be ashamed of him if she could see him now. She wouldn’t be she would be concerned as well. Thea brought him to rehab so he can deal with his grief and get the help he needs to get sober. She tells him to go in there and make Laurel proud and to thank her by getting better. Talk about a tear jerker! I was sobbing during that last scene. Thea has an idea of what it’s like to be scared of what you don’t know; to live with pain so long that you can’t even think about being happy. This relationship has been so crucial for Quentin; I hope he stays in rehab until he’s ready to get back to his life. He deserves to get better and be happy. I can’t say enough how powerful the scenes between Thea and Quentin have been this season; they are so raw, so real, and make you genuinely feel something. That is quality writing right there.

The team was having a hard time tracking down The Vigilante, so naturally they decided to rob a bank. I loved that their grand idea was to rob a bank. It worked– he arrived but things didn’t go the team’s way. Vigilante held Curtis–finally now being referred to as Mr. Terrific–at gunpoint telling The Green Arrow that he is losing the war on the streets because he isn’t taking it seriously enough; he says maybe it’s because he hasn’t lost anyone. Oliver has almost lost everyone he cares about, but this guy thinks he needs a push. The Green Arrow shoots an arrow at him just as the gun goes off to deflect the bullet. I again thought for a moment that Curtis was going to die; he needs to stop getting so close to being killed, my heart can’t take it!


They fight for a little until the Vigilante gets tied up by an arrows. Just as Green Arrow tries to take off Vigilante’s mask, he sets off an explosion and disappears. This guy is a piece of work, let me tell you. He says he’s only killing criminals but he set off an explosion at a motel earlier that killed three innocent people– he called that collateral damage. He says he’s fighting a war and that everything he does is for the greater good. I look forward to finding out this guy’s backstory.

Speaking of backstory, we still don’t know much about Prometheus or Evelyn’s backstories and maybe that’s because they are linked. It is revealed at the end of the episode that Evelyn has been working with Prometheus this whole time! I was actually quite shocked with this reveal; well done Arrow, it takes a lot to shock me these days. She said, “they don’t suspect a thing” and she is right: none of us suspected this! I really thought Wild Dog was going to turn on the team but he’s been softening up so Evelyn can come out as bad. This is an exciting turn of events and I’m anxious to see how it all turns out.

I am really liking the fact that I’m enjoying Arrow again. It’s like coming home after being away for awhile; it’s a nice feeling of familiarity. This season has really brought on the nostalgia of the first two seasons. Next episode is the big 100th episode of Arrow and it happens to fall under the massive four-part DC television crossover. Big things are bound to happen, blasts from the past are bound to surface (Laurel?) and characters lives are bound to change. It’s going to be an exciting week but unfortunately we have to wait two weeks to watch it! I’m sure it will worth the wait. Arrow has let me down before so I’m hesitant to dive in again but I feel at home. I’m still, however, remaining vigilant.

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