AMC’s Into the Badlands is now on DVD! See what we thought!

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When Nerds Attack was provided a copy of AMC’s Into the Badlands, now on Blu-Ray/DVD.

The 6-episode 1st season is spread across two discs, and includes:

  • Inside Into the Badlands (one for each episode)
  • Anatomy Of A Fight (one for each episode)
  • Building The World of INTO THE BADLANDS
  • The Characters Of INTO THE BADLANDS: The Barons
  • The Characters Of INTO THE BADLANDS: The Clippers
  • The Master: INTO THE BADLANDS Fight Camp Episode 1
  • Creating Real Kung Fu: INTO THE BADLANDS Fight Camp Episode 2
  • Bringing It All Together: INTO THE BADLANDS Fight Camp Episode 3,
  • and some awesome digital comics.

Four of the episodes are on disc one, while the last two and the special features are contained on disc two. The show itself is something I still believe has a lot of potential, despite the stumbles. It is visually arresting, and has some interesting characters, even if I feel at times that the writing fails them. The show is excellent for binge watching, so having it on DVD now makes it a much more cohesive piece, without having to wait between weeks. With an expanded second season, I am looking forward to seeing what they can do with the groundwork they’ve laid.


Out of all the special features, I found the digital comics to be the most compelling. While the others show some amazing behind the scenes stunt work and the anatomy of scenes, the digital comics actually provide us the backstory to some of our main characters. In particular, one comic shows how Quinn became a  Colt (a story only previously hinted at), while another tells us exactly what went down with M.K. and all the Cogs on that riverboat. It was brutal, sad, and told with excellent visuals in the comics medium. The comics themselves are presented slowly enough to be read, and the graphics are crisp and are laid out in a visual style that makes them easy to follow.

The “Inside Into the Badlands” and “Anatomy of a Fight” extras were interesting but short–clearly set up for little add-ons during the actual airing of the episodes. Sadly, the “Building the World” pieces refused to play for me, instead only playing the last “Anatomy of a Fight” episode.


As someone who enjoys fight scenes (and the fight scenes within Badlands in particular), the “Fight Camp” episodes were a great little peek into the way the show built up the fighting style, and how each style suits each character.

Overall, I think that the Into the Badlands DVD is a good buy. Despite the small issue with my discs, I really enjoy being able to binge watch this show, and I think the majority of the extras lend themselves to further understanding the show.

Into the Badlands is available for purchase on DVD/Bluray and VOD! Check it out now!

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