#AshvsEvilDead S2E6 Review: Trapped Inside

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Ash vs Evil Dead S2E6: Trapped Inside

Original Air Date: November 6th, 2016

Warning: Spoilers


After last week’s run-in with Baal, the gang (Ash, Ruby, Kelly, Pablo, Linda and Lacey) is regrouping at Ash’s House. Pablo isn’t doing so well; the Necronomicon is festering and growing inside him. Ruby has never seen anything like this—and if she hasn’t seen it before, that’s worrisome.

Back at the Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Emery has his hands full with an angry mob. Leading the mob is the mother of Amber, the deadite that Ash decapitated. They want Ash to pay for what he has done. Baal is there in Amber’s mother’s skin, and he feeds Emery’s anger and frustration. He convinces Emery that Ash is behind all his problems. Emery is ready to join the mob and go get Ash.

Back at Ash’s house, Ruby explains that there isn’t a physical book growing inside Pablo, rather it is a “spiritual convergence.” Pablo is becoming the Necronomicon. This is a no-go for Ash. Pablo can’t just become the book; Ruby is going to have to do something.

“Do not kill Pablo.”

Ruby isn’t as opposed to the idea, since the book can stop Baal, and she isn’t so sure about Ash’s plan. He plans to find Baal and shove a pet tracker down Baal’s throat so he can find him again and shove a chainsaw up his ass. Ruby is willing to try some things to save Pablo while Ash works on his plan. Linda wants Ash to also find Emery. She wants to make sure he is okay, even after everything that happened between them. Ash only needs to look out the window: Emery, along with Baal (a.k.a. Amber’s mom) and the mob, are gathered outside the house.

The group splits up: Kelly, Ash and Linda keep the mob at bay, while Ruby and Lacey take Pablo upstairs. Ruby is going to do a spell that will accelerate the convergence process. She hopes this will speed up finding the spell to send Baal back. Once she finds the spell she can (hopefully) stop the process.2016-11-08

“I will fuck your face with bullets.”

Kelly is keeping the mob away by shooting at them (well near them) and Ash heads upstairs after hearing a noise and thinking the mob is trying to get in upstairs. He reluctantly approaches Cheryl’s room (his dead sister), when he enters he finds Chet. Appears this might not be the first-time Chet has been in this room (before and after her death).

Back to Pablo–the pendent he is wearing seems to be hindering the spell. Still, he begins to speak Sumerian and has called forth something. Baal senses what is happening and knows they have the book.2016-11-08-1

Chet and Ash leave Cheryl’s room, but as soon as they do, they hear Cheryl calling to Ash from the room. She opens the door and comes out. Cheryl (Ellen Sandweiss, the original Cheryl!) comes walking out, seemingly alive and well, much like Kelly’s mom in season one.

“You died after you got branch-banged by a demon tree 30 years ago.”

Ash hates to ruin the reunion, but points out the fact that Cheryl is supposed to be dead. Cheryl responds by turning into a deadite and attacking Chet and Ash.

Downstairs, Baal (still as Amber’s mom) is riling up the mob even more. He tells the, now armed, mob to kill anything that gets in their way. Kelly and Linda hold tight and return fire.ash-vs-evil-dead-trapped-inside-cheryl

“I’m going to make like a tree and fuck you.”


Cheryl gets Chet alone and on her bed (seems like they did this before, without Ash knowing). However, this go around, Chet isn’t enjoying himself at all. Ash breaks down the door and saves Chet from Cheryl. The two fight, only for Cheryl to vanish, continuing to mock Ash as a disembodied voice. Chet comes out of the room and Ash tells him to stay put.

“There’s my powerful vagina.”


Kelly goes looking to see what is happening upstairs and runs into Ash. He tells her about Cheryl. “I killed her decades ago, now she’s back, I got to find her and kill her again.” Kelly tells him to deal with it while she checks in with Ruby. Ruby hasn’t found the spell she needs. Kelly decides to give Pablo a pep talk. He can control what is happening–he needs to find the spell and bring it forth. Once they’ve found the spell they will put the pendent back on him.

Ash is downstairs hunting Cheryl. There are noises coming from all around and the walls start to bleed–everything feels classically Evil Dead. A toy train sounds and distracts Ash, allowing for Cheryl to grab him from inside the wall. She disarms Ash of his gun and turns his chainsaw on him.

“Wolverine that shit back together.”

Upstairs Pablo summons up the right spell. It sends a shockwave through the room and opens an old wound on Ruby. She admits to Kelly that she can’t heal herself anymore. Her children stole her immortality. She doesn’t say how or why. Too bad she couldn’t get it back before killing them.

Ash manages to frees himself from Cheryl and loses her again as Chet walks into the room. Cheryl grabs him to use as a human shield. Ash refuses to hurt Chet to get to Cheryl. Cheryl has no qualms about hurting him, and proceeds to rip out his heart. (Poor Chet—he should’ve stayed upstairs.)

Ash shoots Cheryl out of the house. The mob sees Ash shoot her. At first they think Ash is just shooting another person, but Cheryl reveals her true form to the crowd. They try to shoot her too, to no avail. Ash then traps her in the trunk of a car and decapitates her (again). The crowd now sees that Ash is not the bad guy. That doesn’t stop Emery from grabbing him and allowing Baal to knock him out.

My favorite moment of the episode was the confused look on Chet’s face when he was going to come clean about fooling around with Cheryl (you know—before she died, the first time) and Ash cut him off saying, “it’s okay, pal. Me too.” Ted Raimi portrayed him so well. I am going to miss this character. Though, a deadite Chet could lead to some fun scenes. I hope we haven’t seen the last of him.

From the previews, it looks like the next episode is going to branch-bang our minds—or at least Ash’s. I am never too fond of episodes where the hero is locked up and is being convinced that all that has happened is just a delusion. This one however, looks to have a talking puppet, so it can’t be all bad. Only time will tell.

2016-11-08-2Rest in peace, “No fret Chet”.

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