Arrow S05E05 “Human Target”

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“Human Target”

Warning Contains Spoilers

This week’s episode of Arrow was an entertaining hour of television. This season has really stepped up its game. I mean obviously there is still a ways to go to be back to season two status, but if we keep getting episodes like this, I think they could at least scratch the service.

The episode opens up with Rene, aka Wild Dog, still getting tortured by Tobias Church. Rene won’t give up any information and Tobias is getting frustrated. He tells Rene a story about another guy he held captive who wouldn’t give him information no matter how much he tortured him. Tobias figured out that actual pain wasn’t going to break him; the fear of pain was the only thing that would. So he tries this on Rene and ended up with the best information he could’ve asked for: The Green Arrow’s secret identity.

Team Arrow works hard to find Rene, exhausting all their resources. Diggle shows up to the lair to meet the new team and calls them the new kids on the block, in which Curtis responds with, “we’re more like the Backstreet Boys”. I love the one liners and witty exchanges Arrow is bringing back this season; it makes for more fun episodes. I was just wondering why Diggle isn’t in hiding anymore. I guess if he fights as Spartan he wears a helmet and moving from HIVE to the Arrow Cave is just one secret layer to the other.

Evelyn and Rory find where Rene was being beaten, but he and Church are nowhere to be found. Felicity traces a van leaving that location to where they must’ve moved Rene, but won’t tell them since she promised Oliver he would be the first to know. There isn’t time anymore for Oliver to be the first to know things; he is still doing so many things by himself. Delegate, Oliver, Delegate! Oliver ends up rescuing Rene and finds out Church now knows his identity; it was only a matter of time until he tries to kill Oliver. A plan must be made to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Church hired a new guy to kill Oliver, which didn’t make Prometheus happy. He showed up to remind Church of his warning that The Green Arrow’s life was his to take. Church doesn’t follow orders–he’s a lot like Wild Dog that way–so he pretty much spit in Prometheus’s face about the whole warning. Prometheus said this was his second warning and there won’t be a third. I love this guy he gets down to business. Church will probably call his bluff and it won’t end well for him.


Meanwhile in the mayoral world, a rezoning ordinance is up for vote, but one councilmen won’t change his vote to favor the ordinance. This wasn’t the most exciting part of the episode, but is needed to continue to establish Oliver’s identity as mayor. One night Oliver and Thea manage to leverage the councilmen into changing his vote. On their way out they are hit with gunfire and Oliver is taken down by multiple bullets. The next scene showed Quentin at a press conference saying that Mayer Queen was pronounced dead. For a brief moment I wondered what would happen if Oliver actually did die. That would be the biggest twist they could ever do on this show and for that brief moment I welcomed it. It was revealed quickly, though, that Oliver was very much alive and well, watching the press conference safely from the layer. The elevator opens and another Oliver emerges with bullet holes on his chest. This Oliver takes off his mask and reveals a new character named Christopher Chance aka The Human Target; he’s an elite bodyguard who is an old friend of Diggle.

This is a welcomed addition and could end up being a huge asset to the team. This guy can become anyone and fooled me a few times this episode. Felicity is holding the Oliver mask, puts it on her face and mocks “you failed this city!”. Curtis and Felicity burst into laughter, but Oliver is not amused. I was very amused though; this was another example of how Arrow can be lighthearted!


While Chance was moonlighting as Oliver Queen he found out that Felicity was seeing Bill Malone. Malone is the newest recruit for the Anti Crime Unit (ACU), and mentioned it to fake Oliver while at the office. Chance informed Oliver of this and now he knows that Felicity has moved on. He confronts Felicity on her balcony–since he’s supposed to be dead–telling her he’s fine, but hurt she didn’t tell him. This scene was gross to me because Oliver was asking her if she didn’t tell him because she was keeping the door open for them. Enough with the Olicity, please, no one wants it back. There is evidence that she has doubts about Malone that Oliver kind of picked up on. He later told her she should see if there is something real between her and Malone while he figured out his next moves as himself without the hood.

Diggle took Rene under his wing after he was rescued. I liked this dynamic: two brooding guys with military backgrounds hanging out and understanding each other. I think Diggle saw a lot of himself in Rene. I began to like Rene a bit more this episode; it seems his time in captivity has straightened him out a bit. He definitely is showing remorse for his actions and hopefully he can be a better working member of the team moving forward. Diggle tries to help him remember what he heard or learned while he was with Church. He ended up remembering small tidbits that led the team to an airship at 4am.


This was the final showdown for Church it seems. He ended up one on one with The Green Arrow; he was taken down and brought to justice. I loved this fight sequence, because there were many different one on ones going down and it was choreographed beautifully. It also marked the full return of Spartan aka Diggle to Team Arrow and he didn’t miss a beat. Now that Diggle is back, it’s only a matter of time before Thea puts back on the red hood.

Susan, the lying reporter from last week, was back this episode and was still up to no good. She finds out–in the form of a photograph–that Oliver was partying it up in Russia when he was supposed to be stranded on an island. She’ll probably use that as blackmail to get what she wants from Oliver. This is another tie in to the flashbacks this season.

Oliver’s time in Russia has really paralleled well with the present time. It was also revealed to us that Christopher Chance was a part of Oliver’s Russia life that Oliver knew nothing about. I hope the past and the present continue to connect. This is the last year of flashbacks so make them count!

While on his way to Iron Heights, Tobias Church gets stopped by Prometheus and tries to give him information in exchange for his life. Tobias told him The Green Arrow is Oliver Queen thinking that would be enough, but he really underestimated him. Prometheus gave him a second warning earlier and said there wouldn’t be a third; he delivered on that promise. Just by looking at him I wouldn’t think he was a reasonable man, so I don’t understand why Tobias thought he was. Prometheus kills Tobias, securing his spot as the real big bad of season five. I’m actually glad Tobias is gone; he seemed to only have one note to him and it had run its course. Now they can focus on Prometheus and what he’ll do next. I’m excited to see more of him in the rest of the season. He is so mysterious and it’s so intriguing.

Arrow has really made some great strides towards redemption from the previous two seasons. This was a solid hour of television and I hope they keep exploring new and refreshing storylines. I would like to know more about Evelyn, though. So hopefully we get some more backstory from her soon. I love the creativity of season five and I hope it only continues to grow. It’s still early in the season but I think they’re on target.

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