12 Monkeys S2E12 Review: Blood Washed Away

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Blood Washed Away

Warning: Spoilers

So we return after a two week break with one of the most emotionally wrought episodes of the season. I won’t say much, but thank goodness we got a renewal, guys. Because we’re going to need to be holding onto that hope of season 3 after the next two episodes. So let’s jump right on in, shall we?


We left Cassie and Cole in 1957, where they are on the search for the last Primary–they have one year to find him/her, and after 11 months, it seems they have no leads. Both of them have taken up work in the factory that will explode, but despite trying different angles (and Cassie degrading herself by going on dates with multiple men), they don’t come up with anything. They only have two days left, and it’s clear that their relationship/friendship is wearing thin. Cole ends up going downstairs and runs into one of his work friends, Charlie. Charlie’s wife has cancer, and basically tells Cole that he needs to take his chance with Cassie while he still can–because time never lasts. That’s always the message of this show, really–that time is finite (even as it repeats) and that hope needs to be grasped ahold of with two hands. When they part, Cole goes back upstairs and we find out two things: 1) Cole has been sleeping on the couch this entire time (seriously? Wow…) and 2) the factory has been using day laborers so one of them might be the Primary.


We cut to 2044, where Ramse and the others are in the middle of a brutal firefight. Jen is caught in the middle, a dying Daughter in her arms, while Deacon is clearly in his element, with a very nice new scar across his face. They are apparently 30 miles away from Titan, but things just aren’t going exactly according to plan. The Daughters have lost faith with Jennifer because, well–she seems to have lost faith in herself. But, in her defense, she thinks the Daughters are all assholes. Hannah returns from a scouting mission and announces that Titan simply isn’t where the coordinates said it would be, prompting a crises–should they continue on, or not? Ramse, still completely driven towards the one thing that might get him revenge for his child, wants Titan no matter what, and the Daughters…well, they want nothing to do with it.

12 MONKEYS -- "Blood Washed Away" Episode 212 -- Pictured: Emily Hampshire as Jennifer Goines -- (Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/Syfy)

So there is a serious impasse. A knife fight ensues (which is awesome), but still doesn’t solve much. Ramse, Deacon, Whitley and Hannah all decide to make a drive for Titan, while the rest stay behind.

Back in 1957 it seems that Cole may have found the Primary–the man is acting strange, but isn’t saying the things that we know Primaries say, exactly. It feels right…but not exactly, if you know what I mean. It seems to check out, though, as Cassie finds a drawing of a monkey on the back of his employment record.


…except it doesn’t. As Cole starts to walk the man out to execute him, a young woman comes into the factory with a gun drawn, holding a box. Cassie draws her own weapon and heads towards her, while the so-called Primary reveals that he was paid to pretend to be strange. It was a trap, and it sends Cole running–


–and we find out that Charlie, Cole’s friend, was the Messenger, and he fell in love with the Primary, his wife. He’s only ending her life now because of her cancer. It’s heartbreaking, really, how she begs for him to end her life, saying that this is what she wants. It is so different, compared to the others–she wants the red forest, thinking that they will be together, without pain. Charlie tells Cole that not everything the Witness said is true, and then–




Cole and Cassie have failed, leaving Cassie in a coma, and Cole just slightly injured. Cole, being the coward he is, simply tells her that he hopes she wakes up with no memory of him, and he just…leaves. I understand that he is struggling with the failure of what just happened, but leaving wasn’t exactly the answer. When Cassie does wake up, it’s been six months, and it is now 1958. She spends six months working in a hospital as a nurse, searching for Cole, and when she finally finds him it is 1959, and he is living in the house…that the Witness said he lived in, from 1957-1959. Well, shit.


Basically, Cassie’s premonitions, everything she has ever seen while dreaming in the red forest, is coming to fruition, now. How, and why, it isn’t exactly clear, but this house, this place, and this time, is the culmination between everything between them. It might mean that Cole is the Witness, it might mean that Cassie is–or something else entirely. But basically, this House, and them within it, is key to so much more than they can comprehend.

12 Monkeys - Season 2

In 2044, our small little band of Hyenas have finally found Titan again, and they press into it, driving to the center where a cloaked man is standing in the center of a very awesome looking area. Ramse demands that the man take off his mask, but of course he won’t–that would be too easy. We can’t give away that plot point just yet, can we?


The next two scenes happen in simultaneous shots, cutting back and forth. It’s poetic, perfect, and haunting in its juxtaposition. Back in 1959, Cassie confronts Cole and says that he ran because he loves her, and that he needs to admit that to himself. That this is their one shot; nothing can be known anymore. Cole thinks that this may be the end-there is nothing after this. This is their life to live out, no way of knowing what will happen…and in the end they come crashing together, kissing, in something we have waited for, for two seasons. They start to strip each other, begin to have sex, a perfect melding of their emotions together, a culmination of everything they feel for each other–


–as everything falls apart in 2044. Our Hyenas are surrounded by Messengers, and one by one they are stabbed, necks slit, gutted–slaughtered, all while Cole and Cassie find passion. Sex and Death. Beginning and End.
Two sides of the same coin.

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