Elhoffer Design’s Hamilton-Inspired Hamilgowns

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Elhoffer Design’s Hamilton-Inspired Hamilgowns

A Hand-Made Tribute to An American Musical

What started as a desire to make a dress to wear to see Hamilton: An American Musical has snowballed into an entire collection by Catherine at Elhoffer Design. Inspired by the fantastic costume design of the Broadway show, the collection is a mix of tunic tops and full dresses. The Hamilgown collection features dresses inspired by the Continental Army’s Blue Coats, General George Washington, Angelica and Eliza Schuyler, the Marquis de Lafayette, Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr, and, of course, Alexander Hamilton himself. Followers of Elhoffer Design on Instagram are already familiar with the collection, as she’s been posting updates as she creates each piece, and has already been getting requests for more as well as commission inquires.

Expanding her geek fashion detailing, these pieces are more elaborate than any of her previous geek-inspired works with fabric-covered and metal buttons, cuffed sleeves, pocket flaps above side-seam pockets, epaulettes, lace detailing, and more. While some of the dresses may look like coats, it’s an optical illusion due to topstitching and asymmetrical patterning.The entire collection was handmade by Catherine at Elhoffer Design as a love letter to the musical that has changed the world.

For the photo shoot, Catherine partnered with Lauren Elisabeth Photography (http:// www.laurenelisabeth.net/) to recreate their own take on the photos and gifs that have flooded the internet. The models, all huge fans of the Broadway show, danced and sang along while photos were taken. While the budget may have been limited, the photos captured the love and obsession the women have for the show, and they hope that other fans will also love their gender-bending take on the founding fathers.

Catherine hopes to take this collection to Lin-Manuel Miranda to bring the collection to a broader audience, as her social media response from fans has been overwhelmingly positive.

About Elhoffer Design:
Elhoffer Design is a high-end apparel company inspired by Geek characters and Pop Culture. Offering both hand-made one-offs and small, factory-run apparel, Elhoffer Design pieces are designed to flatter the body while helping fellow geeks to fit in amongst the muggles. Previous collections and dresses are available at ElhofferDesign.com for purchase or preorder.

Tessa Netting as Alexander Hamilton (https://twitter.com/tessanetting)
Milynn Sarley as General Washington, Laurens, and Peggy Schuyler (https://twitter.com/ milynnsarley)
Anastasia Washington as Angelica Schuyler and Mulligan (https://twitter.com/AnastasiaW) Susan Damon as Eliza Schuyler (https://twitter.com/bloosusan)
Aabria Lipscomb as Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson (https://twitter.com/quiddie)
Armani Jones as Aaron Burr (https://twitter.com/armanijones_)
Sabina Ibarra as Ensemble (https://www.instagram.com/la_spectre/)

Ensemble Corsets courtesy of Castle Corsetry (https://www.instagram.com/castlecorsetry/)

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