Flash: “Welcome to Earth-2” (Season 2, Episode 13)

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Warning: Spoilers?

   Welcome to Earth-2, where down is up and up is down! The beginning of our episode shows our team closing all of the breaches in Earth-1’s Central City, save for the one in S.T.A.R. Labs. From there, Barry, Dr. Wells, and Cisco depart for Earth-2, leaving Caitlin, Jay, and Joe back on Earth-1. With this, we split into the two plots that occur in this episode.

First up is the Earth-2 team: Dr. Wells, Barry, and Cisco emerge on Earth-2 to find a wildly different world than the one they left behind–bad guys are good, and some good guys are quite villainous. Barry sees his doppleganger on television and immediately brings him into S.T.A.R. labs where they promptly knock him out, allowing Earth-1 Barry to take his place. We discover that Iris, not Joe, is the Detective West in this universe, while Joe is one of the most popular club singers in the city. Also on Earth-2, Caitlin, Cisco, and Ronnie Raymond are super-powered villains known as Killer Frost, Reverb and Deathstorm–and they are all agents of Zoom. Killer Frost and Deathstorm double-team Barry, then attack the club Joe works at. They are forced to retreat by Iris and Barry, but tragically not before Joe takes a fireball to the chest to save Iris. Joe dies in the hospital, sharpening Barry’s resolve to help Earth-2’s Iris (whom Earth-2  Barry is married to), despite Dr. Well’s warning not to get emotionally invested. Our final scene on Earth-2 shows Cisco, Iris, and her partner Deadshot confronting Killer Frost, Deathstorm, and Reverb. Barry shows up as the Flash, but gets pummeled by Deathstorm and Reverb–until Zoom shows up and punishes both of them for hurting Barry. Zoom kills Reverb and Deathstorm, leaving Killer Frost alive, and speeds off to imprison Barry near Jesse in his lair.

Meanwhile, back on Earth-1, the story is much less complicated. Joe and Caitlin have 48 hours, according to Barry’s wishes, before they close up the last breach and seal off Earth-1 from Zoom–with or without the return of the other three. Joe and his police team are also dealing with a metahuman rampaging around the city. As the metahuman begins to cause more and more damage, Joe asks Jay to take Velocity-6 and pose as the Flash, at least long enough to scare off the villain. Jay refuses at first, and reveals to Caitlin that the reason he is so adamant about not taking the drug again is because he discovered it himself on Earth-2. Turns out it not only caused his illness, it also drained his powers. Caitlin begins to redesign the drug, allowing Jay to pose as the Flash, and the two resolve to fix the issue together.

This episode certainly upped the ante for what the Flash writers are accomplishing. They did a fantastic job with it, mixing things up and showing us a fantastical alternate Earth. The pacing was phenomenal, and they threw in several fun easter eggs (including hinting at the upcoming Supergirl/Flash crossover). Like I said in my last review, if the writers have this much in store for us, I cannot wait to see what comes next!

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