Hotel Review: USA Hostels – San Diego!

San Diego Comic Con

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USA Hostels – San Diego!

Review By: Joanne Schultz

My Stay: 22nd June 2014 – 28th June 2014

Seeing as SDCC2014 was in the middle of my massive holiday and I wasn’t exactly rolling in the dough, I decided that thanks to the inflation of accommodation in Con-Season, I’d be Comic-Conning it in a Hostel bunking with some mates. Best. Choice. Ever.

USA Hostels San Diego was definitely one of my favourite hostel’s I’ve stayed in. Honestly the price was pretty reasonable, roughly $70 a night, per person.

The thing about San Diego in the summer is IT IS HOT and that would be the only thing I could complain about but that is not the hostel’s fault. We didn’t have air-conditioning in our room – which is completely normal for a hostel – but they did thankfully have a standalone fan in there. We did keep the ceiling fan on and the window open as well but it was still really warm but it cooled down in the nights.

Apart from that the facilities were clean – toilets and showers were great (the showers had timer lights which occasionally would turn off midway through the shower but they were not hard to get on again) and there was always one or two free. The rooms and linen were clean and there were spare blankets in the rare case that you’d need them.

It felt incredibly safe – we all had door keys and you couldn’t go up unless you had one ready to wave at reception as you walked past. Nothing was stolen or broken and I just felt comfortable.

Something that I found unusual about the hostel is that the beds were comfortable! I’ve never had that before! I went onto my next holiday spot (Vegas… *groan*) without the normal stiff neck and sore back! I was pleasantly surprised.

Favourite thing about this hostel: The little water dispenser by reception, filled with water, cucumbers and lemon – SO TASTY! I’ve never had that before and it’s something I took home with me, my fridge always has a jug of water with cucumber and lemon in it.

Another Favourite thing: The atmosphere: it was really friendly! The staff were accommodating and helpful and it just felt like a great place to be.

It was fun, it was vibrant – they got in the Comic-Con spirit and it was all-round a great place to stay

My Rating: 10/10 for a hostel!

Would I go back: Yes! Yes indeed!

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