There Will Be No 10% Refund Fee!

San Diego Comic Con '14

If you haven’t checked out the Friends of CCI forums you should. It’s filled with great information and people. Some of the discussions are pretty interesting and they’ve started to share information about other conventions as well.

One of the mods, Zero, noticed that while the emails stated information about the 10% Refund Fee, there was nothing listed on the actual website Go ahead and look. I did and Zero is right. There’s nothing listed about the policy change. Obviously this is an issue and like any dedicated San Diego Comic-Con attendee, Zero reached out for clarification:

I reached out to CCI at, and this is what they had to say:
“Thank you for your email. Due to the discrepancy of the information provided, we will not be charging the 10% handling fee this year.”

There you have it! This was a nice catch as I didn’t even think to check and compare what was said in various emails and what was listed on the website. I would keep this in mind for next year though!

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