SDCC PreReg: How Did It Go?

San Diego Comic Con '14

I’m not a numbers person, which means I won’t be breaking them down. I did my best though to keep an eye on the sale yesterday and it seemed like, for the most part, everything went pretty smoothly. Yes, there were issues but honestly, I’m not sure this sale will ever go 100% without problems. A few of the issues I noticed were people getting kicked out of the waiting room. Hopefully CCI will address some of these issues before the regular sale. Even if they can’t be “fixed” knowing what caused them (if possible) would help. I will say I’m impressed with how long it took for everything to sell out and the amount of people that were helping each other via groups. It’s nice to see people come together over something like this, helping out people they might not even know.

So, now that it’s over, how did you do? Did you get what you wanted? Did you experience some of the glitches I saw mentioned on Twitter? Were you part of a group? Let us know in the comments how it went for you! And remember, keep it civil folks!


  • Not part of a group, it was just me and the friend I meet there every year. If he had been too busy to get in line that morning we would have been in trouble. I didn’t get to the front of the line within the hour I was waiting, but he got in shortly before Saturday badges sold out, so we got our pair of 4-days. Preview Night would have been nice since we had that last year, but 4 days is still pretty sweet! Neither of us encountered any problems. Everything was smooth.

  • Two other friends and I worked as a group. Our one friend got in within the first 15-20 minutes (I didn’t believe her when she told me she was in). So we were able to get 4-day with Preview Night. Unfortunately, in all the excitement, I closed my session down. Looking back (especially with being on Twitter) I wish I had kept it open and offered to help others (if I had gotten through).

    Quick question though: how were people who helped out “strangers” dealing with the payment side of things? Was anyone concerned they’d buy a badge for someone and then never get paid?

    • That’s a good question! I’d assume that even though maybe they’ve never met in person, they’d chatted on messageboards/FB/Twitter…something along those lines.

  • I was in a group of around 40 from FoCC forum. It was great! Everyone got 4 days some with PN. The only snag I’ve run into is I purchased 3 tix, got the congratulations screen with the order reference number but haven’t received the acknowledgement email that everyone else seems to have received right after their purchase. I did get a screen shot so I hope this gets resolved.

  • I thought the experience was great. Honestly I like the new system. The only thing I would change is to add your position in line. My son and I worked as a group and got what we wanted.

  • I was not with a group but one other friend in another state. We were both in waiting room for two hours, she had to leave for appointment, But I was able to eventually get in, we were only able to get a Sunday badge. 🙁

  • I was one of the last ones to make it out of the waiting room. Luckily some kind stranger on Twitter offered to help out and registered myself and two others we all have Thurs, Fri and Sun which is better than having the one day I would have gotten had I not asked for help.

    I agree it’s risky offering to register people you don’t know but it also shows there are still people out there willing to help their fellow man.

  • I had gotten my badge during the Pro Reg and was also a spectator, for the pre-reg. My family were the ones trying for badges. Both had technical issues, but we were able to acquire one four day badge due to help from a friend! It was so great seeing everyone work together!

  • I also think the system went smoother. I used my code in our mini Mac and woke up my cousin to help us using my husbands code luckily we entered in the first 15-20 min and was able purchase all 4 days and PN for both. 🙂 we entered the room with my info but purchased with hubby’s info. The only concern I have is hat we have not received any email. I did take a pic of confirmation page and saved it on desktop waiting 72 hours before I contact them hopefully we receive an email soon

  • Very satisfied with the new system. Logged in the waiting room at 8:40. Purchased 4 badges at 9:20 and got the Order Acknowledgement email at 9:32. No hassle.

  • Had two waiting rooms open for wife and I in two laptops. We missed PN last year for the first time in 7 years and was hoping to rectify that this year.

    But the two blue circles kept spinning and I was reading that PN was closed and began cursing bad luck waiting to see Saturday sell out etc when my wife’s time game and we got our 4-day!

    Kept my window open to see what would happen. Walked away for a few minutes, and on return saw Saturday and Friday begin to go. Then it flashes to the error others were receiving and when I tried to get back in, message said registration code was already used.

    Whew. That stress is over for another year. May try for PN in open enrollment, but not sure I want to chance our 4-days somehow canceling in the transaction.

  • We worked as a group of 4, we mostly got what we wanted. Preview night included for a couple of us. 4 day for one other, and a couple of days for our last member. I stayed in line after and was able to get all 4 days for another couple of friends who were further back in line, I quickly called them for member IDs and payment info. I’d call it a success, and massive imporovement over past years. A timer and rough idea of position in line would be nice additions to the process. I hope we have similar success for people in our group who will be part of the general sale.

  • After about an hour waiting in line I started freaking out and asked some facebook friends how it was going. Then one of them added me to this massive facebook group just to get badges for each other. I only knew 4 out of the 19 people there but we all managed to help each other out and got the badges we wanted by 10:30a PST. We paid each other back via paypal. It went smoothly on our end

    • Mixed results. had 7 in our grp, after 34 mins, I got in first and ordered 4day for three (PN was gone), another friend got in after 1 -hr 15 mins and also got 4 day tix for three more. Two of our other logins got processing errors after three hrs (using unique computers and codes).

  • Logged in at 0730, my sweetie about the same time, after almost an hour and a half epic crashed us both off ( mine first, then his about 15 mins later). We have both sent the notices to CCI but don’t expect anything( last year same thing, the system crashed on me w # 243 in the waiting room and I still never heard from epic when I sent them my proof). I guess we’ll have to hope we get anything at open reg. But this may be the first year we MISS comic con. Seriously blue

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