Teen Wolf 3A DVD Release Party & Panel

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On Saturday I was lucky enough to go to the Season 3A DVD release party for Teen Wolf. Open to a small amount of fans and press, a small panel was conducted, before the group moved to a party/interview hour. In attendance was Jeff Davis (Executive Director/Creator/Writer), Holland Roden (Lydia Martin), Melissa Ponzio (Melissa McCall), Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski), Haley Webb (Jennifer Blake), and Charlie & Max Carver (Ethan & Aiden).

To start out, Davis stated that season 3B was going to be a great deal more psychological than the previous seasons, and that he feels that the show has genuinely become an ensemble piece. This half of the season will focus a great deal on Allison, Scott, and Stiles, and the consequences that saving their parents in 3A have on their lives. Ashby stated that the main theme of the season is exactly that– ‘consequences’.

Every action will have a ripple effect, and it will not always be pleasant. Ashby stated that the Sheriff will start looking at old cases with a new mindset; he knows that supernatural creatures exist now. How many cold cases could have been caused by some evil creature? And what will happen when he starts trying to solve those cases? Speaking of the Stilinski’s– Davis stated that we will find out more about what killed the matriarch of the family, Claudia. It was psychological, and there is some fear that it is starting to manifest in Stiles, now.

Davis also stated that 3B will bring in yet another mythological creature– the kitsune, a japanese shapeshifter/fox creature. He stated that one of his friends had suggested that they bring the creature in, and that friend will also be playing a Yakuza member.

When asked about Jennifer, Webb stated that she was sad to be off the show, but it was confirmed that Jennifer is indeed dead. Davis stated that while it is hard to kill people off on the show, not everyone can come back from the dead–to do so would mean death has lost some of it’s meaning. Webb also stated that she didn’t know that her character was evil until episode 6 or 7.

Death was brought up repeatedly; Davis stated that a main character would most likely be dying during the season…and that someone is in the title credits. In the writers room there is always a lot of debate on who is going to live or die–they try to make it meaningful to the plot.

Both Max and Charlie confirmed that they had shot a pilot for HBO, and that it was very likely the show would be picked up. However, they were very positive about Teen Wolf, and hoped that they could stay on the show, somehow.

Roden stated that season 4 would really be Lydia’s season, and that it has been wonderful to see her grow as a character, from someone who had no friends, into someone who genuinely has people who care about her, and who she cares about in turn.

After a small Q&A session, the panel ended, and everyone went on to relax and celebrate the release of the DVD.

Teen Wolf Season 3A DVD goes on sale December 10th!

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