New York Comic-Con: Teen Wolf Press Room

New York Comic Con

While attending New York Comic-Con, I had the chance to take part in the “Teen Wolf” round tables. As with most, by the time we got to our last guest, Dylan O’Brien, we barely had anytime with him. I apologize for the very short video but hey, something is better than nothing! Plus it’s very entertaining in it’s own right seeing how he’s like us, trying to find time to eat and Con!

We did learn from Jeff Davis that the Carver Twins will likely be leaving the show. You can thank (or rage) HBO for that. He does mention though that they might try to work something out. My fingers are crossed that they at least aren’t killed off. There are plans for two Halloween episodes as well! Many of the questions thrown at Linden Ashby centered around the fact that his character now knows the truth about Beacon Hills. I really can’t wait to see where that goes.

Enough of my rambling! Enjoy!

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