CCI Releases Autograph Schedule

San Diego Comic Con '13

It seems that everything is starting to fall together as CCI has released their autograph schedule. They have it broken down by group, limited, individuals, and line drawings.  Here’s the information you need to know!

LOCATION: Under the Sails Pavilion

Rules for Line Drawings

Because of the popularity of many signings, some of which are limited by time or by the number of people the guest has agreed to sign for, those signings may be ticketed. Tickets for limited signings are distributed by drawings. To participate in the drawing, please go to the indicated line and pick a ticket out of a container. The winning tickets will have a distinct stamp on the back. Once a winning ticket has been drawn, either:

  • The ticket will be kept by the winner to be exchanged for access into the designated autograph line at the specified location and time.


  • The ticket will be exchanged for a wristband that will admit the wearer into the designated autograph line at the specified location and time.

If you do not draw a winning ticket, you may return to the end of the line to try again until all winning tickets have been drawn. One winning ticket per person, per signing.

Prior to the start of the ticket drawings, an area will be designated for those who wish to wait for the drawings to begin. You may line up for that day’s drawings each morning as soon as you enter the building. No other lines will be recognized other than those in this officially designated area. When space becomes available, each line will be escorted to the proper queue for the drawings to be done that morning. Winning the drawing for a line ticket grants you, with your winning ticket or wristband, the opportunity to stand in line to get an autograph at the location and time designated when you drew the winning ticket.

The duration of the autograph session is taken into account when determining the number of winning tickets.

If you’re something who’s wondering about Fox, WB, or another network, you’ll want to check out the limited signings. Basically the limited signings are for those that are really popular, including Robert Kirkman.

Also beware that like with all the lines at Comic-Con, the Fire Marshall can shut a line down for safety reasons at anytime. You can add signings to your “Sched” as well!

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