Wizards Of The Coast Announces “”Magic: The Gathering” Exclusive

Exclusives, San Diego Comic Con '13

MTV Geek has announced details on yet another San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. This time it comes from Wizards of the Coast who will be offering a limited edition collection of “Magic: The Gathering” 2014’s Planeswalker cards. Here are some details from MTV Geek:

The five cards will be presented with unique black-on-black art by Steve Prescott, variants of those found in the core Magic 2014 set. Below you will find both the Magic 2014 and the SDCC version of Garruk.


The full cast of planeswalkers are:

  •  Ajani, Caller of the Pride
  •  Jace, Memory Adept
  •  Chandra, Pyromaster
  • Liliana of the Dark Realms
  • Garruk, Caller of Beasts

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