deviantART Is Headed Back To Artist Alley At Comic-Con

San Diego Comic Con '13

When I logged into my deviantART account today I found this information on my dashboard!

Once again, deviantART has answered the call to be a major sponsor in transforming Artists’ Alley at Comic-Con International San Diego into a challis for the arts—bigger, but better, smarter, more informative, more connective and more dedicated than ever to the needs and desires of the artists who daily re-imagine and reshape our reality and dreams for the better

They’ll be having a few panels as well including:

Thursday, July 18th:

How To: Motion Books: 12:15 – 1:15

Covering the essential steps for creating dynamic Motion Books, soon to be a new tool on deviantART. Featuring Ben Wolstenholme, =LiamSharp and *davegibbons from Motion Books, +spyed and $techgnotic from deviantART, with special guests!

Friday, July 19th:

How To: Fan Art 12:00 – 1:00

The Business of Fan Art with $makepictures, $damphyr from deviantART and *BrianKesinger.

Saturday, July 20th:

How To: Creators + Audience 12:15 – 1:15

The next chapter in Storytelling with $techgnotic, `yuumei, *BrianKesinger, =DeevElliott and *HalHefnerART.

To learn more check out deviantART!

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