Gentle Giant Boba Fett Deluxe Mini Bust Convention Exclusive

Exclusives, San Diego Comic Con '13

Gentle Giant is really bringing it this year with their Comic-Con exclusives. They just announced details for a Boba Fett Deluxe Mini Bust!

Boba Fett, the Bounty Hunter has developed an unbelievable cult following over the years since the release of The Empire Strikes Back. It’s only proper that we honor this iconic character with a bust befitting his status. Crafted by the master artisans at Gentle Giant Ltd., this bust redefines the term “Deluxe.” Packaged in a gorgeous tin emblazoned with the insignia of the feared Mandalorian Mercenaries, our Deluxe Boba Fett Mini Bust features multiple interchangeable arms, allowing collectors a wide range of dynamic poses. This limited edition bust will be available only at San Diego Comic Con 2013. Each bust is hand-painted and individually numbered, and comes with a matching certificate of authenticity.

If you want to get your hands on one it’ll cost you $150. The good news is this item is limited to 2,500 pieces which isn’t that small of a number in the grand scheme of things. I’ve said it before, anything by Gentle Giant is worth the price tag. Just look at it as investment!




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