Hasbro Comic-Con Exclusives! Including Jem And My Little Pony!

Exclusives, San Diego Comic Con '13

USA Today has released information from Hasbro! I know many of you out there were waiting to hear about something from My Little Pony. Well, wait no more!


A fan favorite who first appeared in the first season of Friendship is Magic, DJ Pon-3 ($49.99) makes her debut with a Comic-Con exclusive — and a shiny one at that. In addition to a musical note as her “cutie mark,” her sunglasses and unicorn horn are embellished with Swarovski crystal elements that tie into the year’s theme of the Crystal Empire.

Does that say Swarovski? I guess that explains the $50 price tag but I really think it’s adorable. I was into My Little Pony when I was younger and I don’t remember any of my ponies looking like this!

Another popular item that’s back is Jem and the Holograms. She’s always quick to sell out which means if this is on your list, don’t hesitate!


She sold out quickly, so Jem’s coming back glammed out with a special “Glitter N’ Gold” figure ($140) that’s a nod to a version from her original era. This time, though, she comes with more detail, a better and more realistic sculpt, and accessories including an extra dress and a record trophy.

It wouldn’t be San Diego Comic-Con without something from Marvel. If you’re a fan of the Thunderbolts, this is for you!


The Hasbro team was excited by the idea of doing a Thunderbolts set ($89.99) of 6-inch figures inspired by the comic-book art of Kev Walker and based on the Marvel team of superpowered antiheroes — Avengers member Luke Cage and the reformed super-criminals Crossbones, Ghost, Moonstone and Judith Chambers — that work for the government.

And last but not least, here’s something for you G.I. Joe and Transformers fans. How about a mash-up?


This year’s G.I. Joe/Transformers exclusive ($99.99) is the third and final installment in a special series of annual mash-ups, and while the two previous exclusives focused on Decepticons — a Skystriker jet with a Starscream paint job, and a Shockwave deco on a G.I. Joe Retaliation movie H.I.S.S. Tank — the 2013 edition focuses on the good guys.

Oh but wait! There’s more! How about a certain badass lady to tie everything together?

To pair with the vehicles, the set stars the Cobra femme fatale Baroness with the Decepticon character Ravage, G.I. Joe ninja Snake Eyes with an Autobot logo on his outfit, the Autobot Blaster in his boom-box form and his tapes, and a robotic samurai warrior with a skeleton head in the colors of the Decepticon Bludgeon.


And there you have it! Which of these items are on your list?

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