And The Nerds Break Another Comic-Con Website

San Diego Comic Con '13


This time it was ACE Parking who’s website felt the wrath of thousands of Comic-Con attendees. As most of you know, parking went on sale today and it didn’t take long for the headaches to start. It seemed that right off the bat the website was having loading issues. While I didn’t need parking I did check the link out. The first few times it wouldn’t load at all, then it partially loaded but I couldn’t see the map or lots that were available. I stopped refreshing after that. It seems that some people found a work around by using direct links for certain lot locations or by using a phone/tablet. I saw a number of people on Twitter report that after having issues doing it the old fashioned way, that they turned to their phones and it was a breeze.

Of course that’s not always an option. If you look through the #SDCC tag on Twitter, you’ll see that it took some people over an hour to finally secure parking. Some had to enter information numerous times before it took. Hopefully these people aren’t charges numerous times. Seeing the issues that the website’s having, that would be a major concern. Another issue I’ve seen people complain about are the fees. They add an extra $18 to your bill if you needed all five days. I believe it was $5.95 a day. Hey ACE, here’s hoping you put those fees back into your website for future San Diego Comic-Con parking sales. Hell, I’d even argue that those fees should be refunded because there wasn’t anything “convenient” about attempting to buy passes today!

In the end though, ACE suspended sales:

The thing is, people are still reporting that they’re able to buy parking by using the direct links that were passed around the Internet.

So, how did you do in the parking battle today? Is your headache gone yet? Is your computer now outside on the lawn? Let us know in the comments!


  • Love the picture! That’s perfect!

    It’s pretty obvious that Ace wasn’t prepared to handle the massive influx of people all swarming the site at once. I spoke to them on the phone at about 9:20 am and the 2 people I had contact with (receptionist and Customer Service rep) were frazzled and totally unprepared for their website to implode.

    I was able to get parking at 9:45 am, after constantly trying since 9 am.

    BTW: $5.95 per day X 5 days = $29.75 convenience fee (for all 5 days)

    So 5 days of parking at the convention center (other lots were more expensive) = $10 X 5 + $29.75 = $79.75.

  • I was able to get Convention Center parking all week, but it took me well over an hour (I finished the sale not long before Ace shut the sales down).
    I’m not sure $29.75 is justifiable for a “convenience” fee; I certainly don’t feel as though the experience was very convenient, but hopefully for the extra $30ish they’ll get better service…

    I think it would be prudent for them to NOT announce specific day/time parking goes on sale; that way they won’t get slammed so hard (also think CCI should do the same for general badge sales)

  • Last year the fee was $3.45 each day. This year $5.95 each day, and site crash. I hope the extra $2.50 gouge goes toward the servers, etc.

    Glad I was ready for the sale. Disappointed it was so frustrating.

    Been attending SDCC since ’96. Don’t know if I’ll get a badge next year, the way things have been going. So bummed.

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