“Strangers In Paradise” Omnibus Needs Your Support

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Terry Moore has plans to release his “Strangers in Paradise” omibus but needs your help and support.

SiP-Omni-Ad-rev I really need fan support on this! Please, pre-order from us or put serious, persistent pressure on your comic shop—they have so many other books to think about. You have to DEMAND this book from your retailers in advance or you’re going to be left empty-handed. If they won’t order it, don’t argue—many shops only order from the Top 100 list— just order direct from us or a SiP friendly retailer on-line. There are many to choose from!

The plan is for the set to cost $100 and it will consist of two softcover books along with a slipcase. There will only be about 5,000 made and if you place a pre-order you’ll receive an exclusive print. Why are we mentioning this on our website? Because Terry’s Comic-Con plans are all about this book.

When? June/July. I just solicited for the Diamond April Previews for June product. We’re basing our San Diego Comic Con in July around the Omnibus.

They are fully committed to 5,000 copies which means even if a handful are ordered, they’ll still be printed but obviously Terry will be out the money it costs to print all of them. This could really be a “do or die” situation. If you’re a fan of Terry’s be sure to keep an eye on his website for news on when you can start ordering directly from him.

We wish him the best of luck!

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