New York Comic-Con 2013 VIP Tickets Already Sold Out

New York Comic Con


With over six months to go until the event New York Comic-Con has officially sold out of their $190 and $475 VIP ticket packages just shortly after they went up for sale.

The tickets included a number of perks such as special seating and resting areas and guaranteed signing opportunities, as well as admission onto the floor but without all of that waiting in pesky (long) lines business.

Some haters might say that this isn’t really a big deal since Comic-Con International has FULLY sold out in the same day for the past few years, but this is actually pretty major considering that this show has quickly grown to become SDCC’s only real competition in the United States yet it hasn’t really been overtaken by Hollywood celebrities or non-comic book centered panels like SDCC has. Since Reed Pop started the convention in 2006 the attendee numbers have steadily increased every year hitting 116,000 people 2012, just 14,000 shy of the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. All of that going on and the rest of Manhattan didn’t even blink an eye!

The $85 four days passes are still available for sale HERE but there is no word on how long their availability will remain. Three day weekend, press, and professional badges will open for registration at a later time according to the con’s website.

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