Turn To Etsy For Your Comic-Con Custom Needs!

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I’m one of those people who has a ton of ideas but doesn’t have the skills to pull anything together. That’s why I love Etsy. I spend hours on there just looking at all the various hand-made and custom items. If you’re looking for something a little different to rock to Comic-Con, here are just a few of the many items you’ll find.

il_570xN_363825504_jijs Not ready to show your love on your sleeve? That’s OK! Maybe jewelry is more your speed. I’ve bought a few pieces of jewelry from Etsy, including a lovely Captain America shield necklace and an Arrow necklace as well. If you’re looking for something small and simple, here are Upcycled Comic Book Superhero Rings. You’ll find both Marvel and DC and they’ll only set you back $4.49. Maybe you want something a little more “classy?” Then check out this Black Widow Inspired Bracelet Cuff. It’s $29.99 but in my opinion something you could probably wear everyday. Is Iron Man the Avenger that holds your heart? Then maybe this Arc Reactor designed necklace is more your speed. It’s even 30% off at the moment! DC fan? Here’s an adorable Batman Chibi necklace just for you! Or maybe some Superman earrings are more your thing. What? You want something a little more generic? Try these Pow! earrings on for size. Don’t worry Whovians, here’s a TARDIS necklace, “Don’t Blink” earrings, and an “Exterminate” bracelet! Obviously I can’t list every fandom but here’s some Supernatural, Star Wars, and Sherlock!

If there’s one thing everyone needs at a Con, it’s a bag. You’ll see bags of all shapes and sizes and thanks to Etsy, you can have a bag that looks awesome as well. Here’s a Sherlock Holmes shoulder bag, a Marvel clutch and a Nintendo Controller Bag. Still want a backpack? Captian America handmade Jansport at your service! Seriously, you’ll find hundreds of different bags in different styles. Good luck picking just one!

Want to be more out and proud with your fandom support? Then here you go! Here is a simply amazing Marvel halter dress. It’s not cheap at $89.99 but it really is stunning. If I had the money I’d buy it myself! Want something a little more affordable? Here’s a cute Marvel skirt with pockets! Yes, pockets! It’s $35. Here’s another cute dress, this time it’s Star Trek themed! Want something a little more normal? Here’s a Supernatural wifebeater tank just for you. Did someone say TARDIS dress? Here’s two pages of different styles. Need shoes? You can walk the walk in these Captain Marvel heels, Amazing Spider-Man flats or these hand painted Justice League sneakers!

Other Awesome Stuff:
il_570xN_267835362 Still not sure? Well, luckily Etsy really covers all the bases. Like this Marvel headband, these Wonder Woman hair bows, or this Doctor Who tie! Yes, a tie! Another big item you’ll find are various iPhone cases. It’s the perfect way to support your fandom without being over the top. Or maybe you want some Spider-Man themed nails? Or Wonder Woman nails instead?. Of course you can’t go wrong with a Supernatural button pack either.

As you can see, you can find pretty much anything on Etsy. It can be really dangerous for your bank account if you don’t have any self-control. Which is why I need to end this post now before I go and spend any more money! Have you bought anything fandom related on Etsy? If so, what was it? Hit is up in the comments!

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