Hotel Review: Sheraton Suites at San Diego Symphony

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Hotel Review: Sheraton Suites at San Diego Symphony
By: @StellsBells10

Last year the husborg and I attended our 2nd SDCC, and it seems all our good luck went toward scoring 4 day passes (with preview night!).

Hotel Hell landed him somewhere in Mission Valley, but I at least got a downtown hotel, so we went with the Sheraton. Here’s my list of pros and cons:


1.) Hotel Quality: I have nothing but good things to say about the hotel. The rooms, lobby, etc were absolutely fabulous! The room was “technically” a suite, although it didn’t have a fridge or microwave. It was very spacious though, and the living area was great for stashing merch and suitcases so you weren’t tripping over them all week.

2.) Hotel Staff: Really great – my husband lost his badge on Preview Night (sidenote – don’t lose your badge!), and I lost my driver’s license – both times the staff was really helpful in the search. Plus they recommended some great restaurants that we would have otherwise missed.

3.) Location: There were some cons to the location, which I’ll detail below, but there were some perks. You’re in the business district of downtown, so there’s several great restaurants in the area you’d miss being in the middle of the Con action, plus there is both a Walgreens and CVS just a block or two from the hotel. And because you’re away from the masses, they are pretty well stocked.

4.) Price: This is one of the “cheaper” downtown selections – not the cheapest by any means, but it feels like a steal for the quality of the hotel. Plus, walking to the con is doable.


1.) Location: Notice I said “doable”. The hotel sheet isn’t lying about the 1 mile distance. It didn’t seem so bad when we booked, but when we arrived we realized it’s not just the two or three extra blocks to Broadway, but an additional three or four blocks west to the Convention Center entrance. Oh, and the hotel sits on top of a pretty steep hill – which your legs and feet will not appreciate after a long day at the Convention Center.

2.) Shuttle Placement: At least last year, this was one of the last stops on the shuttle route, which means not only did riding home take close to 20 minutes, but it also meant that the buses were almost completely full every morning during the Con. Maybe 3-4 people would be able to get on before it was at capacity, and then you’d have to wait for the next shuttle. Even if you manage to get down there before (or after) the rest of the con goers at the hotel are lining up, the drive takes longer than the walk since the buses have to navigate back across the Gaslamp to get to the Convention Center. We walked to the Con every morning to avoid a long wait in line just to board a slow shuttle.

To be honest, if this hotel was just a few blocks closer, I would have been totally satisfied with the place. The hotel and staff are great, but the distance was an issue. In my opinion, you’d be better off spending less money and staying in Mission Valley since you’ll rely on the shuttle either way.

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