Enter For A Chance To Win A Jim Lee New 52 Justice League Superman Figure!

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In case you missed it, Mario had the chance to check out the Toy Fair this year and came back with some goodies to give away to our loyal fans. One of the more awesome prizes comes from DC Collectibles!

wna dcc giveaway

That’s right! We have an awesome Jim Lee designed Superman to give away to one of you. Since this is a big year for Superman, I mean it’s his 75th anniversary and he’s getting a new movie, we thought this contest needed to be a little more thoughtful than a simple Twitter contest.

In the comments, tell us why you think Superman is the right choice to win a battle. It doesn’t need to be a long comment but do put some thought into it. You have until Friday at 5PM EST to enter. Just one entry per person!


  • Superman is undoubtedly the best hero of all time and basically the granddaddy of superheroes. In a battle, who needs gadgets or a team when Superman is as strong as any army and faster than any technology? He won’t give up in a fight either, which means he’ll do what it takes to finish a battle and end any threat.

  • The idea that Superman is an outsider but sees something in Earth and its inhabitants worth fighting for is timeless and we sometimes need to be reminded of the preciousness of what we have. Having Superman triumph just reinforces the idea that you need to fight for what’s right, even if it isn’t something that is a “birth right.”

  • Superman, has all of his bases covered. He is a one man army, and there isn’t many foes that can withstand his awesomeness. He is the purest form of good. He simply has to win. He is earth’s champion!

  • Superman might have all the power strength,flight,ability to be indestructible. What makes him different then other super hero is his will to protect and save at all cost. This determination was fully displayed in the death of superman story arc.

  • What makes Superman the best superhero is not just his powers. Villains have powers. And it’s not just the fact that he’s good. It’s his character. He’s humble, he’s not in it for himself. He’s the reluctant hero, whose love for others leads him to action, and compassion even for villains prevents him from annihilating them.

  • Not sure what happened to my first comment, but here goes again.

    Superman is the right choice because of his virtue. He was raised with good morals and is as my 5 year old would say, a “good guy”. Sure the superpowers help, but without his strong moral compass his powers would be terrifying. Yay for Superman.

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