MONDO Will Be At New York Comic-Con (Everyone, Freak Out Now!)

New York Comic Con
Photo via Collider

The top name in high end pop culture posters, Mondo will indeed be in attendance at next month’s New York Comic Con.

For those of you who do not know of this company, here is a nifty archive of their previous releases that have long since been sold out and cost more than you’d care to spend on the secondary market.

This is a serious collectible that both buyers and sellers will try to get in on due to the HIGH collectibility so if you are even considering looking at their booth with intent to buy I suggest you get to the Javits Center EARLY just so you can get in first and get to that line. I passed by their booth at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and the line was wrapped down the aisle, along the wall, and into orbit. (Just check out the image below from Collider‘s coverage of Mondo’s SDCC booth)

Thanks to Fire Wire for the image and helpful tips.

Mondo, will be at New York Comic-Con. The largest pop culture event on the East Coast will be held from October 11-14 at the Javits Center in NYC. Mondo will be at booth # 263.

If Mondo’s presence at the New York Comic-Con is anything like the San Diego Comic-Con, I have a few suggestions:

– Wear comfortable shoes and hydrate in anticipation of the long serpentine line that will wrap around the convention hall. The good news is that you will get to spend time meeting fellow fans, awesome Mondo employees and walk away with some amazing art! 

– Make sure your smartphone is fully charged to ensure that you get the Mondo drop updates via twitter

– Bring several sturdy poster tubes to bring your precious cargo home safely. 

Because she survived the storm many times before, When Nerds Attack contributor and Mondo enthusiast, Erin, has chimed in with some tips of her own to help you first timers:

The only thing I would have to add would be an explanation regarding their methods, which I suspect will be the same as SDCC. They tweet a drop at a random time. However, savvy folks know to linger close to their booth and die-hards will pretty much camp out, starting unofficial lines which may or may not end up being the official lines. It is often several hours between drops and sometimes takes just as long for them to process and sell all the prints.
Mondo does come through the line and process payments, giving purchasers a ticket to exchange at the table, making the process go a bit faster then it did in 2011. They really are a well-oiled machine. But novices need to be prepared for line-jumpers and any other unscrupulous tactics. Don’t let them ruin your experience or chances but also don’t let it give you license to follow their lead. Better to notify security or the Mondo staff of your concerns. Or use public humiliation, chances are everyone else behind you will back you up!
If you intend to purchase prints, come prepared with your own poster tubes. The tubes for sale at the convention center are usually narrow and you want one that is about 3 – 4″ wide. Anything smaller and you’ll likely crease the print while trying to roll it small enough to get into the tube. After buying the prints, quickly find a quiet, open space to roll them and get them into the tubes as fast, but as carefully, as you can. Mondo bags their prints for you, which is a nice, light bit of protection dring the transission into the safety of a tube. If you are able, fill your tube with rolled up kraft paper that you can sandwich your prints in. If you can avoid it, don’t keep your prints in the tubes for a long period of time. Once you are home, or in a hotel, remove the prints and let them breathe.
Another short-term option, but not often recommended, is rolling the prints in the bags and then holding it closed with LOOSE rubber bands. This is a method that should not be used for long periods of time, or without a bag between the print and the rubber.

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