How To Make Paying For Comic-Con Easier

San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con can be an expensive trip for many of us. People attend from all over the world and the costs add up quickly. Here are a few tips to make saving money and paying for Comic-Con a little easier.

Save That Change!
I know many of us don’t actually use money these days (I’m one of them) but change can really add up. My parents had $500 in change that they took to Mexico with them a few years ago. Granted, they had been saving change for a few years by throwing it into a giant water jug but if you start now you might be surprised at how much you save. Even if you only manage $100 that’s enough to buy a few pieces from Artist Alley, a panel or two from NerdHQ or dinner and drinks.

Travel Related Giftcards!
I do this all the time. When a birthday or holiday rolls around I always ask for Southwest giftcards. These days it’s easier than ever to buy giftcards now that you can find them at places like grocery stores and other spots that make you go “huh?” I’ve seen them for sale at Office Depot before! Airfare can be a huge chunk of your SDCC budget, if you can help offset that buy asking for giftcards, why not do it? I believe hotels offer them as well but I have no idea if you can use them to pay for your SDCC stay. That’s something you’d probably have to ask your hotel before hand.

Set Up A Savings Account
I have two savings accounts with ING. I have one for legit life issues and the one for “vacation.” I have my account set up that every time I get paid, $30 comes out and goes into my savings automatically. I don’t have to even think about it. I think it’s a great idea if you can afford it. It doesn’t even need to be $30. If you can save $10 each pay, it’s something. I know it’s a huge help though that it just comes out. There’s been plenty of times where I tell myself “Oh, be sure to take out money to save!” and it never happens because I end up spending that money on something else, like shoes. Another nice thing with ING is the fact I can’t just walk up to a bank and take it out. It takes a few days to hit my bank account which makes me think twice about making a withdrawal and helps the money stay where it should be. Of course you can use any bank for a savings account, just be sure to read all the fine print. Some make you keep a minimum in your account or have hidden fees. Just do your research and you should be fine!

Sell Your Junk!
If you have a bunch of stuff sitting around your place that you don’t need, think about selling it! You could take part in a yard sale, hit up Craigslist¬†or even use Ebay. If it’s just sitting around collecting dust, why not get rid of it in order to fund a trip where you could buy new stuff? If you want to go the yard sale¬†route, be sure to pay attention to local papers and newsletters. Sometimes you’ll find a neighborhood event where you can set up a table instead of trying to bring buyers to your area. If you have items that are a little more desirable, Ebay might be your best bet. Just make sure you don’t start the bidding too high or too low. It’s a fine line to walk. If you use Craigslist, just be sure to be safe about it and use commonsense. Don’t go meeting people in dark alleys ok? You do want to make it to Comic-Con, right?

Of course what’s listed here are just a few ways to save money. If you have any tips or advice feel free to add them to the comments!


  • If you don’t use cash that often, many banks have a “keep the change” progam you can sign up for. You add a savings account to your checking, and whenever you use your debit card they round up the amount to the nearest dollar and put the difference in your savings. Sometimes it sucks when an item is $3.01, cause you will have to subtract $4 from your account, but it does work to save you money. I usually saved over $100 a year doing this.
    And, when I used to go to Comic con, this was some of the money I used.

  • Change is great but I took it a step further when I was saving for con back in 07. Whenever I bought something I would put any change or $1 bills into a change can. Buy a energy drink for $2.50 with a $20? That’s $2.50 into the can. I had $120 in a the can in a month and a half.

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