Director Andrew Stanton Bringing ‘Finding Nemo 2’ To The Big Screen For Disney-Pixar


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Director Andrew Stanton Bringing ‘Finding Nemo 2’ To The Big Screen For Disney-Pixar
By: Michael Cantrell

There was one thing missing from the Disney panel at Comic-Con 2012 this year…Pixar! Disney showcased Frankenweenine with director Tim Burton and Wreck-It Ralph with director Rich Moore and stars John C. Riley and Sarah Silverman. Lot’s of excitement was to be had. But, what about Disney-Pixar’s Monsters University? What about the upcoming re-release of Finding Nemo, now in wondrous 3D? This could have been the perfect chance to make Disney-Pixar fans go nuts with an announcement that Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo, Wall-E, John Carter) would be returning to the animated directors chair for Finding Nemo 2. I guess they figured they would wait until the excitement of Comic-Con died down a bit for their announcement.

The announcement came today that Andrew Stanton would in fact be directing a second installment for Finding Nemo. According to this will be a deal for Andrew Stanton that will allow him one more chance at directing a live action film after the completion of Finding Nemo 2. John Carter was a certified Disney flop this last year, with a lot of critical jeers. I don’t believe Stanton was entirely to blame for the lack of success in John Carter. Disney’s marketing of the film had issues and the translation of the story was a challenge from the beginning. I still think Stanton gave us a believable Mars setting and some interesting creatures. I personally enjoyed the film and would be anxious to see what Stanton can produce with live action in the future.

Finding Nemo 3D hits theaters September 14, 2012. Will you be back in the theater with your 3D glasses to witness Marlin, Dory and Nemo swimming out of the screen? Are you excited to see where our underwater friends adventure to in the second film?


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