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Last week I posted a release about a new book called “Comic Con and the Business Of Pop Culture.” I recently finished the book and found it to be pretty interesting. It’s a nice mix of personal stories about attending the convention but it mixes in thoughts about the business side of things too. It touches on everything from how easy it use to be to purchase badges to how digital comics affect the market place.

Well, you guys are in for a treat! I have a copy of the book to giveaway to one lucky visitor! How do you win? Easy. In the comments let us know what Comic Con means to you. Is it meeting new friends? Is it finding that one comic to finish your collection? Is it just getting away from the “real world” for a week? Since San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner, I’ll keep the contest open until July 22nd*. Hopefully that’ll give some of you attending for the first time a chance to enter.

What are you waiting for! Start leaving those comments!

* If I need to extend the contest in order to give everyone time to enter I will. I know SDCC time is a stressful time and I want everyone who wants to enter to have the chance.


  • This being my first Comic con, I’m not sure what to expect. Madness and chaos trying to see everything I’d assume. Coming from Canada this trip was at first something I didn’t think I would even get a badge for, then it became real and as it gets closer I am getting more and more excited,
    Working in the film industry in post I’ll be more interested in the tv/film panels then anything else but am eager to explore both the whole convention as well as San Diego

  • Comic-Con to me means a chance to escape into a place where my real world take a back seat. The alternate worlds that I read about, watch and in some cases play in, take center stage. It’s a great way to let go of ‘normal’ for a few days.

  • First Con here too, I’ve been craving ComiCon from a few years now and always seems such a far away goal, I’m from Mexico and this is also my 1st time in the States, trying to plan everything up, getting twitter dependant, obsessed with the sneak peeks, adjusting budget and planning, planning, planning.
    For me, all this is a huge thing “One small step for girl, one giant leap for nerdkind”
    Besides, sounds very tempting all the portafolio reviews, next year will be!
    Today is too much to deal with. Hopefully, it would be the beginning of many more trips to come.
    So damn excited.

  • For me, Comic Com is about pure escapism. For 5 days a year, I get to really geek out. (Not to mention getting my entire wardrobe of tee shirts for the next 12 months.)

  • cominc con to me means meeting new people and buying the collectible items i am looking for ,meeting celebritys and having fun with the family

  • Comic Con is just a gathering of my WHOLE family with costumes and getting that one collectible…that one of a kind toy that you can only find at Comic con or see that one trailer or a clip of a new season of our favorite show and of course the lines….what would comic con be without the lines!!

  • Comic Con means everything to me. I love it so muchand think about it all year long. This years con ment 10 times more because it was the first time my son got to attend. Previously, he would go to his father”s for visitation but was never allowed to come. Plus this year they discovered I had breast cancer, so I had them work my operation schedule around the con. I didn’t want to miss one moment. So with my son we attended more panels than I normally attend. Fun! Then we went to a special signing with Simone Legno and Seth Green. My son mad a Halo armor for his senior project. He wore it on Sat and was able to experience Cosplay. So this years con had a lot of special meaning to me.

  • This was my first Comic-con and we had badges for Thrsday and Friday. It was everything I expected and more. I am hooked and will go again next year and try to get the 4 day badges with preview night! I was excited for months before the event, squeezed as much as I could in the days I was there and felt sad when we had to leave. It was the best experience I can remember and am already planning next years trip. I have always wanted to go and finally did! Comic-con means a lot to me, I was so impressed at how friendly, helpful and respectful people were, everyone was there for the same reason and there was a great sense of community.

  • Comic con means a lot to me because it has been very much part of my life…I’ve been going for the last 15+ years. Over the years, I’ve been an attendee, an exhibitor, and a comic con staff member. Con has gone from a casual to a chaotic experience for me. It’s like no matter what excitement or minor annoyances I have at con, it always calls me back, and before I know, I’m back in the Hasbro exclusive line! I just really love con and have a lot of respect for those who run the con. I already miss it and anticipate the next one.

  • It is an opportunity to see what is going on in the industry, catch the new comics as well as catch up with the franchises I love. And I got to see some of the amazing people who create the things I love from the artists to the producers & directors not just the stars.

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