“Game of Thrones” Hitting Hall H, “True Blood” Ballroom 20

Panels, San Diego Comic Con

EW is reporting that “Game Of Thrones” will be hitting Hall H at San Diego Comic Con this year. It’ll happen on Friday the 13th.

Some of you have been waiting to hear about “True Blood” and will be happy to know the show is returning and will be hitting the stage in Ballroom 20 on Saturday this year. I remember the first year I went it was on a Thursday or Friday. It’s nice to see all the days are being used for TV panels this year.

As soon as we have times we’ll pass them along!

One thought on ““Game of Thrones” Hitting Hall H, “True Blood” Ballroom 20

  • 2 hours 45 minutes waiting for Ballroom 20 wasn’t enough time for me to get into Game of Thrones last year. Maybe I have a shot now in Hall H. And I hope all those people who got in early to see the Ringer panel just before GoT fell in love with the show then cried when it was recently canceled. No I’m not bitter at all! Peace and love and George Bush’s severed head!

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