“Community” Is A Go But “Castle” Is Out?

Panels, San Diego Comic Con

Another day, and another San Diego Comic Con surprise. According to TVLine, “Community” will once again be attending SDCC while fan favorite “Castle” will be sitting this one out. They are reporting though that Nathan Fillion will be making an appearance but no word on what that means exactly.

Are you guys surprised that “Castle” won’t be attending? Anyone letting out a sigh of relief knowing that “Community” will be there?


  • No CASTLE? Argh, it was such a great panel last year. And it gave more exposure to the Wild Cards series since everyone had to get there for that panel to have a seat for Castle.

  • Castle was the panel I was going for so I’m pretty bummed it wont be there this year. I hope something is in the works at NerdHQ.

  • Well, Castle not going it’s a surprise?? I don’t Know. I am really upset because of it, but not surprised, at all. It would be really awkard because of some die hard fans with no limits between what is fiction and what is real life. Castle does need a heavy amount of marketing this season, because of the step they took. And, this is a hell of an opportunity. But, I do understand why ABC made this decision, they have a lot of new shows looking for an audience.

    Sorry for my disgusting english, I am trying to learn.

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