“Burn Notice” Won’t Be Attending Comic Con

Panels, San Diego Comic Con

Jeffrey Donovan, star of “Burn Notice” sent out this tweet this morning:

If you remember, last year we were told there wouldn’t be a “Burn Notice” panel but Bruce Campbell showed up to promote the “Sam Axe” movie USA aired last year. There’s nothing like that on the schedule this year though. I still wouldn’t be surprised if Bruce showed up anyway.

No offense to Bruce, but in the past I’ve wondered why they bothered. The only star who ever appeared was Bruce (who rocks a convention as we all know). I mean, it’s great to see Bruce but it would be awesome if more of the cast could attend. I understand that they film during the summer which is why I’d think it would be better budget wise to just stay home altogether. Well, it looks like this year that’s the case.

One thought on ““Burn Notice” Won’t Be Attending Comic Con

  • I get they film in the summer, but so does Psych, and they always attend with full cast. I’m guessing the production schedule is slightly less tense on that show though.

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