Sideshow’s 2012 CCI Exclusives Revealed!

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UPDATED: 6/25/12
Here we go! All the exclusives are now revealed!

UPDATED 6/22/12:

Just in via newsletter, the final two Sideshow exclusives have been revealed as Lt. Falcon from the 1/6 scale GI Joe line and a twopack featuring members of the Mos Eisley band from Star Wars in 1/6th scale as well.

These two figs join the Star Wars Clone and the Hot Toys Captain America as the four exclusives. Some people out there are disappointed that these reveals have taken so long and are all 1/6 figures rather than some busts or statues. Either way, look for these to go on sale in the first week of July for direct to home shipping. NOTE: Sideshow is NOT doing attendee pick-up. All attendees and non-attendees have to purchase from the same pool.


UPDATED 6/21/12: a fourth piece has gone up, completing the bottom row.

UPDATED 6/15/12: A third piece of the puzzle reveals that the SDCC exclusive 1:6 scale Star Wars figure is, in fact, Commander Fox. Don’t forget, they are only revealing TWO exclusives through this, the other two will come in a newsletter that you need to sign up for.

UPDATED 6/13/12: The second piece of the puzzle has gone up and it looks to be another 1:6 scale Star Wars Clone from Sideshow! Eagle-eyed Star Wars fans have already concluded that this figure is Commander Fox, and while we cannot confirm that at this time, there is a photo below the puzzle of Commander Fox for your reference.

UPDATED 6/12/12: With the number of “Likes” on their Facebook page not quite hitting the number needed to reveal these puzzle pieces, fans have been getting especially rowdy. Over on the Sideshow Freaks message board, a site created by fans to discuss the company’s products, an official Sideshow representative just posted the following:

Hopefully this means that we will see the items revealed beforehand in the next two weeks.

ORIGINAL POST: So do we all Sideshow Collectibles is making their exclusives reveal a bit more interactive by having people click “LIKE” on their Facebook page. Each 1000 likes is a new reveal, 6 in total.

Only 1,000 more Likes to go until the first one so go here and get clicking! Fortunately, if you dont have a Facebook page (like me) you can still view the page. I predict we’ll see a Hot Toys Iron Man Mark VI from The Avengers and maybe a Star Wars 1:6 Clone.

UPDATE: While not confirmed all signs are pointing towards this being a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive!

You can see it fits with the puzzle piece that’s been “removed.”

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