Off Site Events Now Live!

San Diego Comic Con

The San Diego Comic Con Off Site Events page is now live! We only have two events listed at the moment. We have the White Collar Fan Party and w00tstock 4.0.

If you have an event you wanted featured or you just happen to come across one, please let us know. It could be a fan party, concert, screening or any other off site event. The more information you provide us the better. If there’s a website set up for the event, please be sure to include it in the email!


  • Though I don’t know the exact nature of the show, Kevin Smith is doing something on July 14th at the House of Blues. There is a listing here: (from his SModcast website).

    Actually, Google brought me to this: “Every week, Ralph Garman & Kevin Smith invite you to join them as they gnaw on the hand that feeds them, right down to the bone. It’s the week’s showbiz news viewed through their unique prism of affection, controlled substances, and general “smart-assery”.”

  • The Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman event is a live late-night recording of their Hollywood Babble On podcast from the SMODcast network.
    There is a live Nerdist show at Balboa Theater on Friday 13 July which I think starts at 7pm (so it clashes with the zombie walk which has moved to Friday this year). Check or the Balboa Theater website for details.

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