How To Get Into The Michael Ausiello Party

San Diego Comic Con

UPDATE 6/20/13: Last year he had a second way to get into the party which you can read about here. It was a more creative contest that revolved around TV finales!

This party has become a hot ticket over the year. If you don’t know who Michael Ausiello is, he runs TVLine and has worked for other entertainment outlets in the past. Mel and I were able to attend his party last year, along with Erin, and it was a great time. The cast of “Psych” was there, the drinks were flowing and the set up at NerdHQ (where the party was held) was awesome. I even met a ton of you at the party!

This party is one of the events I’m asked about most. The reality is, it comes down to luck and paying attention. Normally how it works is Michael will tweet out when you need to send an email to a certain email address. Of course he provides the email address but most of the time, you don’t know when exactly the tweet is going to go out. He might say within the next hour or give other hints. Once you see the tweet, be sure to jump on on it! Normally it’s the first 100 people who respond. Granted, the number might change this year. This all based on past events. I don’t think we were allowed a +1 but I could be wrong. Seriously, my memory is crap. If you remember about the +1, please feel free to share in the comments!

To make sure you’re on top of things, be sure to check TVLine, his facebook and his twitter feed as we get closer to San Diego Comic Con. I think last year it didn’t happen until a week or two before SDCC and waiting to see if I made it was the most stressful thing ever. Be aware that the party is normally on a Thursday night and is during some of the later panels. That means you’ll have a choice to make about attending the party or attending a panel. This might be an easy choice for some but harder for others. I remember SDCC2010 we actually made the list for his party but since it was our first SDCC, we actually skipped it for the panels (“Dexter” was on my “Must” list) plus we were out in Mission Valley.

The party is a blast though and if you’re looking to hang out with other fans and maybe chat up some celebs, this might be the perfect party for you! As you see, we had a blast!


  • What’s up with Thursday nights?! I’m already missing out on my amazing Ric Meyers kung fu panel from last year because I’m going to w00stock on Thursday this year. Such tough choices…

  • Also, this year on Thursday night Patton Oswalt is doing a show. I have been lucky enough to get into Michael’s party each of the last two years, and both times they were awesome. Like all things SDCC no matter what cool thing you decide to do there are usually 3-4 other things that you miss out on. Unless you can get your own working Tardis, which I keep working on to no avail.

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