“White Collar” Fan Party @ SDCC!

San Diego Comic Con

Once again Christine is putting together a “White Collar” fan party during San Diego Comic Con! She estimates that last year they had around 30 people attend, with people coming and going throughout the night. Fox Managements even showed up and brought some DVD’s and other goodies for them to giveaway! The party featured games, a photo booth and all types of fun. Here’s a little Q&A with Christine!

1. When did you start planning for this years party? I’ve essentially been planning this year’s party since we finished last year by running the online websites (Twitter, Tumblr, etc.). I got some feedback from the fans and we are working to keep things that worked and change what didn’t. We started making more specific plans for the venue, games, promotion, etc. for the party as soon as I had my badge passes for SDCC.

2. I see you got a few of the stars of White Collar to pose with your flyer, how did you mange that? We did! I’m so excited. We have a photo of Tim DeKay and Sharif Atkins, each holding a photo of our Party Invite. I found out that a few of my Twitter Fan Friends were going to be in NY, so I sent them an e-mail with the information and the flyer. I wanted to (1) give the cast an official invite to the party and (2) get some cool promotion for the party. At the time, we had not yet announced the date, place, or time of the party. So I thought this would be a cool way of announcing it. @LauraCollared and @Kush12 were sweet enough to print the flyer and get those photos for us. Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay are actually very informed about our party. @JoleneGolightly had the chance to tell them all about the party earlier this year, and they have been really excited and really supportive.

3. What was last years party like? Last year’s party was amazing, and we all had so much fun. Most of the fans came by dressed in their White Collar best. We had special drinks, games, and prizes. We actually posted a lot of the photos on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wcfansatsdcc/. I have to say thanks to Fox Home Entertainment, who brought us most of our prizes. They attended our party and brought with them boxes of Season 1 + 2 White Collar DVDs and signed cast photos. Everyone went home with some prizes. I can’t promise they will be back this year, but we are getting together our own prizes that I think people will love.

4. What kind of games/events/giveaways did you guys have last year? Anything special planned for this year? We are trying to re-vamp all the games this year, so that no one will be bored. We have also redone the photo-booth and we will have a new drink specially made for the evening. This year, we will have customized prizes, many that bare our new logo (designed by @JoleneGolightly). I also wanted everyone to know that we are selling “I’d Rather Be Watching White Collar” bracelets to help for fundraising. We are selling them for about $2 and all the money will go into the party prizes and games. If anyone wants one, they should e-mail us at whitecollarfansatsdcc@gmail.com.

If you want to get in on the fun be sure to check them out on Tumblr! You find more information on their website as well. Here’s the important information you need to know!

If you have a fan event or party you’re planning, let us know! We’d love to share the news with everyone. You can contact us here!

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