C2E2 2012 Is In The Books


Well, I survived yet another convention. C2E2 is only in it’s 3rd year but it’s a great convention. If you’re tired of all the random celebrities that show up at other conventions, this one might be for you. It really was focused on the comics aspect of things, from the vendors to the panels. Were there random celebrities? Sure. But it wasn’t anything like San Diego Comic Con or Wizard World. I spent most of my time wandering around the floor and checking out Artist Alley. That’s what I love to do at the smaller conventions. You don’t have the time at some of the larger events to really look around and find good deals or watch an artist sketch out an amazing piece of art.

The layout of the convention center was pretty simple. The main floor held both Artist Alley and the booths and vendors. Sometimes I do wish it was split up, like at New York Comic Con. It can get rather congested pretty quickly and I feel that having those two areas separate from each other really helps. I will say the space between each artist in AA was a fair amount as was the rest of the floor. There weren’t any really large set ups. You had DC & Marvel there but compared to other conventions I’ve attended their areas were pretty small. Of course StylinOnline was there with two booths and WeLoveFine was there as well. I had flashbacks to SDCC when WeLoveFine handed me a giant Con bag for buying a few Avengers shirts. It was an awesome bag that featured My Little Pony and HelloKitty. I actually had a good amount of people ask me where they could get the bag! One of the guys working the booth told me that they’ll be attending San Diego Comic Con this year but with a much smaller area. If you see them, be sure to stop by and check out their goodies!

I only attended two panels. I attended the Nerdist Live panel and the Marvel Next Big Thing panel. The Nerdist panel was entertaining as always. We learned some awesome news during the Marvel panel like the fact that Gambit will be getting a new series this August. Marvel was really excited about it, as was us ladies in the room. Another exciting bit of news was the fact that Captain America & Hawkeye will be teaming up in a new comic as well. It sounds like it might have a bit of humor to it as they described it as “Tango & Cash.” They don’t really like each other but they have to work together. I plan on preordering both of these books. That’s something they really stressed during the panel. If something is coming out that you like, be sure to go to you shop and place a preorder. It really does make a difference on if the book continues or not. They announced some other new comics as well and you can find all that information over at the Marvel blog.

That’s it for this post. I don’t want to make it too long. Here are a photos from the weekend though. Expect more C2E2 related posts soon!



  • What a great review. After 12+ years attending SDCC I’m looking to maybe spend my tax return somewhere else as SDCC is rapidly becoming more hassle than its worth C2E2 has been on my radar as an alternate and YEAAA Chris Hardwick never fails to deliver !!! Go NERDIST INDUSTRIES !!!

  • Woo-hoo! This was extremely easy to get into for a local guy such as myself. Fun was had and several friends where there. I shall definitely make this a regular event. Only went on Saturday but saw the Anthony Daniels panel. He sure knows how to work a crowd, loved it.

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