• First choice! Hard Rock Hotel!

    Actually, it’s my 3rd year using Travel Planners and every year I’ve gotten my 1st choice! Last 2 years I got Marriott Marquis and Marina – love it there, but even though it was next to the convention center, I felt so far away from the nightlife! So no complaints so far. 🙂

    I would have preferred the Omni, Hilton Gaslamp or Residence Inn (a kitchen in every room!) because it’s cheaper, but very happy to get the HR and be in the action!

  • Got first pick. Downtown hotel. Sad for my friends. I finished in 2 min time, they took an extra min.
    1 got Mission Valley
    4 got nothing. 🙁

    Going to be a lot of hotels that are given up come April 10th I’m sure. Hope everyone gets a room!

  • This was the first year we tried for downtown. We ended up at the Town and Country. It wasn’t even on our list.

  • I’m at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, which was actually #8 on my list. The submission site worked so well, and it was quick, but that means it was quick for everyone! I put in a list of 18 hotels and that cost me precious seconds, though this looks like a fine hotel so I’m pleased.

  • I got the Westin San Diego, which was my 17th pick (1st was the Omni). After seeing the craziness and that a lot of people didn’t get anything, I’m super grateful that I got a room at least! I don’t know why it took my so long to enter my 20, but my requests were in within 5 min

  • I got my request in by 12:03/4 (not sure precisely but definitely by 04 at the latest) and got my 2nd choice, Hilton Bayfront.

    I’m disappointed because I prefer the Hard Rock (1st choice) but it could be a LOT worse. A whole lot worse.

    I will still try to get the Hard Rock on April 10th, though.

  • My husborg and I both submitted – he got his in faster than I did (He was within 5 minutes but the website took longer to load for me so I was in by 07 or 08) – We only listed 10 this year since last year we got #3 and #4 on each of our lists. He selected “hotel nearest to the Con” got an airport hotel not even on our list. I selected to upgrade, so I was upgraded to the Sheraton Symphony for an extra $10 a night.

    The hubs will try again on 4/10, I suppose, just in case. It’s not too far but I really wish we were closer!!

  • This year hotel booking was the worst I have seen it. (and this will be my 4th year in a row going to sdcc). My group of friends (who all have been through the ticket registration and have passes for sdcc) all went through booking at the same time (roughly between 9am and 9:05 am), 2 got hotels downtown, 1 got old town, 2 got mission valley, and 1 got no hotel at all! What is frustrating is that travel planners does not require member IDs or already possessing sdcc passes, thus people who may not even have tickets to sdcc are booking up hotels in case they might go. This leaves those who already have passes without hotels. If this is not looked at next year, san diego may see the convention moving to another location just for hotel convenience.

  • I managed to get the Hilton Bayfront too, although it was number 7 I believe on my list, but I’m am still immensely pleased. Been going for the past four years and this is the first time I have managed to get a downtown hotel so I am very happy. The price is rather high. $378 a night (including tax) for a quad, but we are splitting the price so I can’t complain. Also, I know many people did not even get assigned hotels and they submitted very early so I would have even been happy to get something in Mission Valley again honestly.

  • Put in 18 hotels and finished at 9:05am — and ended up getting my #6 pick – Westin Gaslamp — which was advertised at $214 — but the most recent price is now $244.

    Got my response later in the evening around 8:30 pm PST Sunday. But it was in the ‘W’s’ — since it seemed emails were being sent alphabetically by hotel name.

    My friend who didn’t get any hotels — got his email much later in the evening.

  • I got my first choice Hotel Solamar 🙂

    4 of my group of 5 filled our forms, only 2 of us got hotels back. I submitted within 2 minutes & got my first choice (only put down 4 choices), another friend put down a list of 10 & got #7 on the list.

    Last year if you got waitlisted the choices when they opened up were REALLY great. All the downtown hotels had spaces available again. So if you didn’t get what you wanted this round, I wouldn’t lose hope.

  • First time in 8 years of attendance that I didn’t get hotel of my choice –we are out in BFE Holiday Inn Bayside— Gonna try on the 10th to get closer. Sadly I think I used all my SDCC luck on scoring 2 day passes with preview night also a first in 10 years of attendance !! It just saddens me that everything surrounding this event has become “Hunger Games-ESQ” I may stay home next year its just getting to stupid and to CF-y…. Called my Favorite hotel last night to see about booking room for 2013 and was told –its already sold out !!

  • I got the Solomar for the 2nd year in a row. Last year it was my 2nd choice. This year it was my first.

    I like it because it is the Syfy hotel.

    Last year, they had a free happy hour every afternoon.

  • Got first choice Westin Gaslamp. Waiting for the confirm was kind of nerve wracking though.
    Probably helped that the 1st choice wasn’t a super close hotel, but the Westin is nice, easy to walk in in the morning, and easy to sit on a shuttle back when wiped out at the end of the day. Also very close to a grocery store for snacks & food and basically a mall for anything else you might end up needing while there.

  • It took a couple precious minutes for the page to load for me, so I ended up way out on Shelter Island in a hotel that wasn’t even on my list. The crazy thing though is that when I logged in last night to confirm, someone else’s credit card was holding the reservation. Joe at Travel Planners was helpful and quickly sorted it out for me, but didn’t seem super concerned that someone else is potentially about to lose their room. I don’t envy that person the panic attack when they get their credit card statement showing that their “deposit” was refunded.

  • Anyone else think reserving rooms should require barcode # or some form of proof of attendance at the event If I believe the hype there were more rooms then ever and still do many got nothing or stuck in BFE

    • During the weekend of waiting, I calculated the total number of rooms that the downtown hotels have and it was around 11,000. When you assume not all the rooms are given to Travel Planners, that’s a fraction of the number of people who attend the con.

      I’m not sure the biggest problem with them running out of rooms is people submitting for con rooms who aren’t going to the event. They could add a feature of us having to put in our member ID, but it probably won’t drop out that many people.

      It appears to me that a lot of people who are doing the “roommate” thing were having each roommate submit so that they could double, triple, or quadruple their odds.

      It’s going to be very interesting to see how many rooms free up when the 48 hours are up and the multiple bookers drop their unneeded reservations.

      I think the ultimate solution would be to take a non-refundable deposit from the very start AND require proof of attendance. That would prevent people from gaming the system.

      • Well there is some SOLID CON math, I wholeheartedly support this solution!!! Pretty sure that matters to no one !! But hey take your props where you can !!

  • Requiring a barcode wouldn’t do this year because they didn’t do the pro reg before the hotel release…which also makes no sense to me.

  • Same link as before to access the hotels booking page on april 10? If not, what’s the new link? Thanks for any info.

  • First day of hotel reg I submitted my form in about 4 minutes….and got zero. Was super disappointed. Then morning of re-release on April 10th couldn’t figure out what the hell I was forgetting to do, until noon and of course by that time was zilcho available. Kept checking back and some rooms opened up but only for a night here and there. But, alas the other day randomly decided to check what was open and I secured my third choice for the entire con. Super jazzed! So, keep checking if you didn’t, get a room…

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