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If you’ve been under a rock, just a reminder that I’ll be attending C2E2 in Chicago this year. If you see me, say hi! I might be weirded out at first but just mention the blog and it’ll click for me.

While we’re still hoping and praying for a big Marvel announcement, here are a few of the panels that are lined up:


Branching Out: Growing your Graphic Novel Collection Beyond the Core Titles #1: Branching Out is aimed at teachers and librarians looking to grow their graphic novel and manga collection beyond traditional subject matter. It will look at the growth of non-traditional comic books and manga, specifically focusing on graphic novels for kids, graphic non-fiction, adaptations of classic literature, and the rise of comic books and manga that aren’t strictly focused on super-heroes or ninjas. We will discuss the complications that these books have in finding an audience, and the different methods of discovering and collecting non-traditional graphic novels.

Nerdist Industries Live!: Chris Hardwick, host of AMC’s Talking Dead and BBC America’s The Nerdist, will host a lively discussion of Nerdist Industries’ newest venture: the all-new Nerdist Channel on YouTube. Other topics will include The Nerdist News daily email newsletter and the expanding network of podcasts. Special guests will include Bob Schreck, Editor-in-Chief of Legendary Comics, Nerdist Channel contributors like Alison Haislip, Tom Morello and other podcasts celebrities. Join Chris and friends for some no-holds barred conversation and exciting announcements.

MARVEL: Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way #35: Are you a writer or artist? Ever dream of working for Marvel? Do you find yourself thinking “I could do that…if I knew how!” Well, here’s your chance! Join C.B. Cebulski, Marvel’s Senior Vice President, Creator & Content Development, and a whole host of special guests to find out the answers on how to get your foot in the door at every level in the creative process and how to make your job MARVEL.


The Ladies of Womanthology #75: The ladies of this groundbreaking anthology will talk about their experiences working on the book.

John Barrowman Q&A: Captain Jack Harkness himself, John Barrowman, star of Doctor Who and Torchwood will be entertaining fans in a very special Q&A! Bring your sonic screwdriver!

WE’RE NO ANGELS: The Leading Ladies of Paranormal/Urban Fantasy #58
: Be they fanged, furred, infernal, seraphic, or fey…beware the women of paranormal fiction…and their kick-ass heroines. Danger just might be these girls’ middle names. But no amount of bad guys can keep these ladies from doing what’s right. Whether standing up for friends and family, or just plain kicking some ass, these girls don’t shy away from a fight. Featured authors: Karina Cooper, Jeaniene Frost, Charlaine Harris, Christina Henry, Chloe Neill, Pamela Palmer, Kerrelyn Sparks.


John Cusack Spotlight: John Cusack broke onto the scene as the ultimate teen heart throb and has since become one of the most dynamic actors in Hollywood! John’s upcoming movie, The Raven, will be premiering on April 27 where he portrays the infamous Edgar Allen Poe. He is a very versatile actor who never seems to disappoint audiences with his character choices. Join John as he hosts this Q&A just for C2E2 fan.

Anne Rice Spotlight: Her books have sold millions of copies and she’s not done yet! Come find out what’s new and what’s next for this best-selling author.

As always, this just a small and random selection of what’s going on at C2E2. You can find all the panels & screenings here. Keep in mind though they’ll still be adding guests and panels even in the weeks leading up to the event. If anyone big breaks, I’ll be sure to pass it along!

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