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It’s scary to think about, but it’s true. By now most airlines have opened their schedules into or past July. Normally we’d be worrying about backup hotels but it seems most if not all of the hotels in San Diego are on “hold” for the event. I know by this time last year I had my room already booked and that was after booking two or three previous hotels. This year? It doesn’t look like it’ll be that easy. I know a few of you out there, myself included, have asked hotels about booking for San Diego Comic Con and have been turned away and told that CCI has a hold on them. Really? I mean, what it for some odd chance you aren’t going to San Diego for SDCC? What then? How do you find a room? Granted, it would be stupid on your part but I’m sure it happens!

Since it seems that hotels are going to be available via lottery only (unless something changes) I know some people have looked into vacation rentals. Just be sure to do your research first! The last thing you want is to get screwed out of money AND a place during SDCC. If you have a large group attending a rental might be the perfect solution for you. It’ll help save money on both accommodations and possibly on dining. You’ll be able to pack your own lunches and cook your own dinners since most rentals, if not all, have full kitchens.

Speaking of your Con buddies, by now you should know who’s in and who’s out. This isn’t the time nor the event to go back and forth on. I shouldn’t be talking really since I’m still going back and forth but I don’t have anyone depending on me for an answer. If you’re part of a group, make sure you’re honest and up front about your plans! Remember, San Diego Comic Con is months away and gives you plenty of time to save up money but if you know now you can’t make it, let them know. That way they can either find a replacement or reevaluate the budget. You might not think it’s a huge difference between 4 people or 5 people but it can be.

Another random piece of advice? With the Holidays coming up it wouldn’t hurt to ask for travel related gift cards to help cover some of the cost. I know I ask for Southwest gift cards every year and they can add up quickly! And be honest with people when they ask what you want. I know asking for money can be boring but if you’re 2012 goal is to attend SDCC, then every nickle and dime will help. Maybe even set up a special account that’s just for SDCC. That way it’ll be easier to save and you won’t be wondering just how much money you have.

I know this post was all over the place but let’s be honest. Isn’t that how your mind feels when you start thinking about SDCC? I know I get a headache just thinking about it! We want to make it easier for you though. Let us know what kind of posts you want to see! You can leave suggestions in the comments or find us on Twitter!

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  • Research is so so important if you’re looking into a rental for SDCC. As is getting commitments from your group. And having a backup plan is also not a bad idea.

    My group got a condo overlooking Petco Park one year which was amazing, if a little cramped for the number of people who ended up staying there.

    The next year we rented a house further out which sounded amazing. Except it advertised wifi and the owner (or at least the guy with the keys?) had no idea what we were talking about. And it had a lovely pool. Except the day we arrived it was going to be cleaned that day and we couldn’t use it until then. It never got cleaned and was never usable. And the owner freaked out at us one day for supposedly leaving a single light on (we’re not even sure if this actually happened) and threatened to start charging us extra for the excessive electricity use. I think I got a 10 minute long lecture from the guy AFTER I apologized and promised to check every light in the house before we left from now on. It was great having the space and the kitchen, but I certainly wouldn’t stay in the same place again.

    The year after that we secured a place to stay in January and thought we were doing so well. In late May we got an email from the owner of the property saying he had moved into the house due to a death in the family and it was no longer available as a rental. That actually is what happened (yes, we checked it out to make sure we weren’t just getting screwed for no reason) I managed to find a backup house but then half my group dropped out of going and somehow we miraculously managed to get a room at the Sheraton Suites at almost the last minute.

    Housing used to be the most stressful part of planning the trip for me. Now it’s securing a ticket, though that is in part due to having some friends who live in San Diego who I can stay with for free now.

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