Comic Con Confessions!

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I’m not sure how man of you are on Tumblr but it can be rather addictive and something new that has taken it over are various “confession” blogs. You’ll find them for everything from movies to TV shows to music. It’s a simple concept. People just send in their confessions about the topic.

Well, there’s now one for Comic Con! Comic Con Confessions is brand spanking new and looking for your Comic Con related confessions! You know you have them! Here’s a little information about the blog!

Leave your Comic Con Confessions here! We take confessions about the Con in any city, about any nerd obsession, line experience, or celebrity encounter. Leave your confessions in our Ask! Please give us time to create the graphic before your confession is posted on the site.

As you can see, they’ll accept confessions about any Con! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to San Diego Comic Con or just a local con, they want your submissions!

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