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Saturday we were treated to a screening up of the new show “Person of Interest.” I believe it was a last minute addition to the line up and to be honest, it kind of showed. Yes, there was a special intro video starring Michael Emerson who plays “Harold Finch” but that was it. There was no Q&A or anything! There wasn’t a star or producer present to represent the show. When the screening ended a few of us looked around as if we were all thinking “That’s it?”

Don’t get me wrong, I love the show. I’ve been watching it since the first episode and I hope it sticks around but this felt very last minute. Of course anything is better than nothing and watching a screening is better than sitting in a room for an hour with nothing to do but I’m sure you guys understand. It’s almost like CBS figured they had a trapped audience and thought “Hey! Let’s force them to watch our show!” I mean, “Terra Nova” did a screening but they still had an actual panel and did a Q&A. I don’t think it was a time issue either seeing that some how by the time the last panels rolled around we were running late.

If you were there for the screening, what did you think? Were you disappointed at the representation or lack there of? Did you not really care?

Here’s the special video that was filmed for NYCC. I found it on MovieWeb:

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  • I didn’t see it. But I think it’s tough, for many actors and producers from tv shows to attend NYCC, Because many of them are busy shooting for their shows, in the fall.

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