How To Get Booed At A Panel

New York Comic Con

I must say, the NYCC crowd is a little different from the SDCC crowd. I’m not surprised though but just when I thought SDCC fan questions were bad, along comes New York Comic Con.

There’s a few ways to get a crowd to turn on you. A simple way is by ignoring what the moderator says. If they say “Don’t make any marriage proposals or ask for autographs” and you do BOTH, you’re going to get a bad response. Especially if you keep rambling on and on about nothing. This happened during the “Nikita” panel. The very first guy pretty much ignored the moderators requests and broke both the rules. It was pretty hilarious to hear everyone boo him though and tell him to sit down. Ah, New York.

Another way is to bash an actor during a panel about his movie. This happened during the “Ghost Rider” panel when someone asked the directors why they went with Nicholas Cage again because he’s soft and can’t play a bad guy. Really? Now, Cage wasn’t there but the boo’s rained down on this guy. It took the directors a few seconds to respond because I think they were a little shocked like the rest of us. You could see a few people turn and look at each other like “Is this guy serious?” I highly doubt if Cage was there, he would’ve had the balls to ask.

There was another “incident” during the same panel when someone started out by saying he’s always been a fan of Ghost Rider since he was a kid. He was into dark stuff and he felt a draw to this character. No big deal right? Sure, until you knock Captain America. I mean, the room was pretty much filled with people waiting for the Avengers panel. I get what the guy was saying, not everyone is drawn to the typical hero or good guy, but he could’ve just stopped at that part. Again, people started yelling for him to sit down and it was pretty funny.

One thing I noticed was that a few times people stood in line to ask questions and they weren’t even fans of the show! This happened at least three times that I remember. I just think it’s a little rude especially during a really popular panel like “The Walking Dead” where the line almost reached the back of the room. I mean, these people hadn’t even seen an episode yet. Granted, a few claimed that the clips they saw “won them over” but I wonder if they were just saying that to save face and calm down the angry mob.

Don’t get me wrong, San Diego fans have a habit of asking stupid questions too. I remember during the “Dexter” panel people asking numerous times if Trinity killed Rita. I mean, really? Or during the “Psych” panel someone would always ask about the pineapples. I just don’t remember the rest of us being super vocal about the fact this person was asking a stupid question.

What’s one of the dumbest questions you’ve heard asked at panel? Or one of the funnier audience responses you’ve heard? Let us know in the comments!


  • Seeing Angelina Jolie’s face at the 2010 SDCC panel for Salt, as she was asked in a variety of different ways the same question, regarding stunts and weapons training, three times on the trot, was especially amusing. You could actually see her firing her agent IN HER HEAD as she struggled to reply without repeating herself (or screaming, “Haven’t I just answered that one already?!”).

  • I went to the Good Vibes panel at SDCC this year – I had never heard of Good Vibes, but Tony Hale, Alan Tudyk, and Adam Brody were all there so I HAD to go. The best part was when a guy got up about to ask a question, the moderator ran over and said she had to screen the question first – then he asks Adam Brody if he’s frustrated he hasn’t gotten any good roles since The OC. Burn! Jake Busey (also on the panel) literally fell out of his seat laughing and Alan Tudyk exclaimed “You screened that question?!”. Nobody could believe this guy.

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