NYCC 2011: The Avengers Panel

New York Comic Con

My entire goal for New York Comic Con was to make “The Avengers” panel and because my San Diego Comic Con training, I did. We arrived at the convention center around 7:15am. Yes, you read that right. Since I knew everyone and their mom wanted to see this panel I wanted to be there bright and early. Because of my wonderful planning we were maybe around 20th in line and ended up in Row 10, which is the 1st row after the special “Premium Seating.”

The panel was moderated by Chris Hardwick and featured Chris Evans (Captain America), Colbie Smulders (Maria Hill), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Clark Gregg (Agent Phil Coulson) and surprise guest Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/Hulk). Also joining them on stage was producer Kevin Feige.

Kevin was first to take the stage and before introducing the rest of the panel, they played the movie trailer on the big screen. It was amazing. I mean, obviously I’ve watched it a million times before then but to see it on the big screen was beyond words. Plus to watch it with other fans was great too. After the trailer the cast joined Kevin with Mark Ruffalo being the last person introduced. There was a reason Mark was there. The extended scene we saw was all about Bruce Banner.

Here’s how our Mario described it over at

We start off in India, where Dr. Bruce Banner has been hiding out living “Hulk free” for the last two years and he is trying to help cure the locals of a sickness. Banner is helping the family he’s staying with when suddenly a young girl rushes in begging him to help her sick family. She flashes some cash and we cut to her and Banner approaching her (very Slumdog looking) home. As soon as she enters the home she slips through a window. Banner’s been set-up! But… in comes The Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and Banner asks if she’s there from S.H.I.E.L.D., which she is. She also mentions that she was that girl’s age when she was recruited to become a spy.

She says she’s not there to kill him and is there for Banner and not The Hulk. Nick Fury needs the world’s ace expert on gamma radiation to help them trace a gamma signal they’ve picked up and she shows him an image of the Tesseract (AKA the Cosmic Cube to us cool kids) on her phone. Banner gets angry and the Widow draws a gun on him. He cools off, and she calls off the squad of heavily armed agents surrounding the place.

The scene had a little bit of everything. It was dramatic obviously but it had a little humor as well, like when Black Widow called off the squad that was outside. Banner made the comment “Just us huh?” with a little smirk/laugh. I can already tell this movie is going to be awesome. I told Agent M on Twitter I’d love for it to be a 5 hour movie. Hey, if a movie about a sinking ship can have an intermission then a movie about people trying to save the world can too!

Of course like with any panel there was a Q&A session. It was clear from the start that Tom Hiddelston was the star of the show. I’m not exaggerating when I say he probably had 90% of the questions. The questions ranged from asking the panel if they ever feel defensive about their characters to someone asking Chris Evans about Captain America & Wolverine teaming up in the next “Captain America” movie. Chris really had no clue what the guy was talking about but if I remember correctly Kevin jumped in and said there was no plans to bring Wolverine into the fold.

The panel shared a few funny stories like when Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) compared muscles when the cast was out at a club one night after filming. Mark Ruffalo shared that he and Edward Norton joked about how the Hulk is the Hamlet of our times because everyone has played him. I think the highlight though was when Clark Gregg shared his own version of the Avengers theme:

Video By Adam Reisinger

All in all it was a great panel! You could tell the cast gets along and that they had a great time while filming. We learned that production has started on “Iron Man 3” as well.

You can find all the Avengers photos on my Flickr account.

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