Diamond Select Halloween Contest!

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I love Halloween and had to share this! I hope some of you enter! If you do, let us know!

Press Release:

Calling all Monsters, Munsters, Minimates and Femme Fatales! The DST Halloween Costume Contest Has Begun!

Halloween is fast approaching, and we wanted to do something special to celebrate. (Well, something more special than release a ton of awesome monster-themed action figures — we’re already doing that!) Then it hit us — we want to see your Halloween costumes! Specifically, we want to see you dress up like your favorite Diamond Select Toys action figure! We’re going to have four categories to enter, and four big prizes for the winnners!

Category 1: Universal Monsters
Dress up like any Universal Monsters character who has (or has been announced as getting) a 7? action figure from DST: The Wolfman, the Mummy, the Creature, Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, the Bride, the Invisible Man, the Phantom and the Metaluna Mutant. Re-create the look and costume of any version of the character we’ve shown or made.
PRIZE: The winner will get a set of the Toys R Us AND Select versions of Universal Monsters Series 2 in preliminary packaging, plus a set of the Universal Monster Series 2 Retro figures!

Category 2: The Munsters

Dress up like any of the five Munsters family members: Herman, Lily, Grandpa, Eddie or Marilyn.
PRIZE: The winner will get a set of Herman and Lily unpainted prototype figures in preliminary Toys R Us packaging, plus a painted set of Munsters Select Series 1, also in preliminary packaging.

Category 3: Femme Fatales
Dress up AND pose like any character from our Femme Fatales statue line: Dawn, Alice, Tarot, Little Red, Darkchylde, Snow White, Lady Death, Anne Bonny, Medusa or Bo Peep. (Remember, the goal is to re-create the appearance of the statue, so the outfit and pose must match. See examples here.)
PRIZE: A sold-out Alice Femme Fatale statue, an unpainted Anne Bonny prototype, and our limited NYCC 2011-exclusive variant of Anne Bonny.

Category 4: Minimates

Dress up like a Minimate — ANY Minimate. It can be a blank Minimate, or a re-creation of any Minimate character we make, as long as your head and arms are cylindrical and your chest and legs are boxy. You should clearly be a Minimate, or the Minimate version of whatever character you do.
PRIZE: The winner will get a set of all four Universal Monsters Minimates Box Sets, the first two Ghostbusters Minimates Box Sets, all eight SDCC giveaway figures, a Battle Beast, a Minimates carrying case and an original Minimate design sheet.


– Enter as many costumes in as many categories as you like, but only one photo of each entry is allowed, so make it a good one.

– The photo should show the full costume, from head to toe.

– Entries will be judged on the costume, not the photo, but the photo should be in focus and well-lit.

– Photos can be indoors or outdoors, but no really busy backgrounds. You should be able to tell where the costume begins and ends.

– No photoshopping of photos is allowed. This includes text.

– By submitting the photograph to the contest, you give us permission to publish them on our Website.

– Post your photos on the Diamond Select Toys Facebook wall at http://www.facebook.com/diamondselecttoys between now and October 5 at 9 AM EST.

Start sewing, gluing, stapling, etc.!

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