A ThunderCon/PowerCon Interview


I want to thank Shawn for taking the time to send this in! He had the chance to interview the people behind the ThunderCon/PowerCon events. Wondering what exactly this is? It’s a convention for He-Man, She-Ra and Thundercat fans!

He-Man & the ThunderCats Unite in LA!
By: Shawn Marshall

This September the convention boom welcomes a new member as organizers in Los Angeles, CA are set to launch a brand new show that centers on some of the most iconic characters the 1980’s have to offer. So, if you like your chocolate with your peanut butter (and who doesn’t???), you need to mark your calendar for the weekend of September 24th, as Power-Con and ThunderCon unite to bring a show to LA that features the best in He-Man and ThunderCats culture.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with John Kallis, head of Public Relations for the show, about this new exploration of the best of both worlds. Here is what he had to say:

1. Why Power-Con/ThunderCon and why now?

“ He-Man and She-Ra are two properties that have had a very strong and dedicated fan-base that has flourished on the internet. Many of the fans already do meet-ups at other conventions and talk of a convention dedicated to the properties has often come up. After seeing such successful outings of conventions for other 80s properties like Transformers and Jem, coupled with Mattel now directly marketing Masters of the Universe figures to fans, it seemed like the perfect time.

In addition, many fans of He-Man and She-Ra are also fans of the ThunderCats. When it was announced that Warner Brothers would be producing a brand new ThunderCats series this summer, it seemed like a perfect idea to create a dual-convention that could bring even more exciting activities for the fans.”

2. What has it been like taking this event from idea to the reality we’ll see in a few weeks?

“It has been a tremendous amount of fun, dedication, and hard work. The convention has been organized by a small group of professionals that have all been fans of He-Man, She-Ra and ThunderCats their entire life. We wanted to make the convention all that it could be for a first year show and more.”

3. What are some of the goals you have for this show?

“The main goal is to create an experience for fans that they will never forget. We tried to tap in to all aspects of He-Man, She-Ra and ThunderCats so that every fan would have something of interest. We have guests from the mini-comics, designers of the original action figure lines and talent that brought the cartoons to life.”

4. What are you most looking forward to at this event?

“We are most looking forward to seeing the fans interact with the guests who they’ve admired for so long. Many of the guests remember their time on He-Man and She-Ra with a smile and are amazed at such a following the properties still have.

We also cannot wait to hear feedback from the attendees. Whether positive or negative, the information we receive from the fans will help us to continue to deliver a convention that continues to spread the power and honor of Grayskull.”

5. When people reflect back on Power-Con/ThunderCon months from now, what do you want them to remember most?

“We hope that they remember the joy they had in meeting some of the fantastic talent that brought the properties they love to life and the experiences they had with interacting with so many fellow fans. We’re starting with a small show jam-packed with talent. We feel people will look back fondly on attending the first year, having helped to lay the foundation for something special.”

6. Is there anything else you’d like to share with the fans about the upcoming show?

“There are two special events that are occurring during our first year of the convention. The first is the “Roast Gooble Dinner Dinner” which will give fans the rare opportunity to dine and chat with the talent that worked on He-Man, She-Ra, and ThunderCats. This dinner has limited seating and we have less than 6 seats remaining for fans. The ticket to this event is $350 each and includes the dinner, a 2-day pass to the convention, and more.

We are also hosting a special autograph signing session with Melendy Britt, the voice of She-Ra, and Alan Oppenheimer, the voice of Skeletor. This is the first time ever that Ms. Britt will be appearing at a convention. Tickets to this signing are in addition to purchasing a 2-day or Sunday pass to the convention and are $50 each. The ticket allows the purchaser to get one item signed by each of the actors.
All of the information about tickets, ticket packages, guests, and our programming schedule can be found at our official website: http://www.thepower-con.com/”

Once again, I want to extend my gratitude to John Kallis for not only the interview, but also the hard work that goes into putting together this type of show. So, start getting that Sword of Omen polished and harness up your Battle Cat in preparation for this meeting of the greatest powers in the universe.

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