FanExpo Canada!


FanExpo Canada is just around the corner! The event is August 25th-28th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. As far as tickets go, Thursday is $25, Saturday is $40 and Friday/Sunday is $30. A weekend pass is $79. You can purchase tickets here!

I’m sure you’re more interested in who’s going to be thee. It looks like they’ll have guests from all over the place. You can expect to see Stan Lee, John Waters, William Shatner, Tom Felton, John Astin, Elvira and a ton more. I do mean a ton. You can view all the guest lists here. Of course you’ll find DC Comics & Marvel in attendance as well. I’d share the schedule for the Expo but it’s not posted yet. I’d expect it to be up soon though.

Here’s a little history and background on the event:

The history of FAN EXPO CANADA™ began with the launch of the Canadian National Comic Book Expo in 1995. It humbly began with only five guests at the breathtaking Roy Thompson Hall, which accommodated only 1500 attendees. With the continued success of the Expo, the venues, however, changed to accommodate the growing number of fans, guests, celebrities, and exhibitors. These included the Holiday Inn on King in 1996 and eventually to the home of FAN EXPO CANADA™ : the Metro Toronto Convention Center in 1997. The initial years at the MTCC were held in North Building, but the massive popularity of the Expo demanded more space and, since 2006, is now held in the depths and vastness of the South Building.

The success of FAN EXPO CANADA™ was not only due to its attendance but also because of its uniquely wide range of selection for its devoted fans. In 1998 the Canadian National Anime Expo joined the Comic Book Expo to provide fans with a diverse range of entertainment and in 1999, the Science Fiction Expo followed suit. Rue Morgue, who sponsors the “Festival of Fear” a.k.a Horror Expo, joined in the crusade to stimulate the senses in 2004 and in 2005, the Gaming Expo brought the Expo to its full circle, providing fans with “THE” expo to attend.

Still under the name Comic Book Expo, the five genres (Comic, Anime, Science Fiction, Horror and Gaming) were re-branded and merged to become FAN EXPO CANADA™. Today, FAN EXPO CANADA™ is the country’s biggest, the fastest growing and one of the largest events of its kind in the World!

It just goes to show that what can start out as a small and simple Expo/Con can quickly grow and change over the years. If you want to stay up to date be sure to check out their website. As the event gets closer expect more information on signings, panels and exclusives!

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