San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina Review

San Diego Comic Con

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San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina Review

I lucked out and got my first choice in the hotel lottery, the Marriott Marquis. This hotel is adjacent to the convention center and many Comic Con goings on are located there. There were two gaming rooms, a films room, anime rooms, the fulfillment room, the blood drive and my favorite, the hospitality room with free snacks and soft drinks. Nintendo had their gaming exhibit there this year.

I have stayed at this hotel before and this year they finished a remodel. I got a room with two queen beds that is spacey enough to support 6 people. There are plenty of wall outlets for all your gadgets and the HDTV has plenty of hookups to watch and videos you may have shot during the day. There was wifi and an ethernet hookup I never took advantage of. The balcony has room to support two people and I had a great view of the bay and more importantly the 2012 pre-reg line at the Hyatt next door. The bathroom is a little small compared to other hotels in this price range. A hair dryer is supplied; I think there may have been an ironing set as well. The closet had ample space and a safe. There is no fridge or microwave. I suggest bringing a cooler and filling it up at the ice machine.

The pool area was renovated this year to accommodate more chairs. I would have enjoyed the pool if it was open past 11pm. I went to the Jacuzzi at 2am after partying all night to relax and got kicked out by the staff. Lame!

The Marriott has a Starbucks next to the escalators that lead to the blood drive area and shortcut to the convention center. They also set up a café for the con right next to it with sandwiches and snacks. There are three restaurants at the Marriott. They used to have a nice breakfast place, but it was closed. The lobby bar has plenty of lounge space and many meetups were held there during the con.

The room was $308 per night after taxes. I would gladly stay there again next year if I get the chance.

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  • I also stayed at this hotel. Our room in the North Tower (tower w/ balconies) had a refrigerator! Also, the room we had in the South Tower last year had one. 🙂

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