We Want Your Hotel Reviews!

San Diego Comic Con

That’s right! We’re looking for your San Diego Comic Con hotel reviews! I think it’s safe to say when you look around around Tripadvisor or other review websites, people aren’t always sharing the fact that used a hotel for Comic Con. I actually tried searching once and didn’t come up with much. That’s where you guys come in.

If you want to share a review of your hotel, good or bad, you can send it to us! There’s no set format. Just be sure to include the important details like how did you book the hotel? How long did you stay? Did you use the internet? What about parking? Was there a shuttle stop and did you use it? Plus don’t forget the minor details like noise, the staff and other obvious things what we sometimes over look. If you want to include pictures that works for us! The more details the better but it doesn’t need to be a book.

We appreciate any reviews that are submitted and I know future San Diego Comic Con attendees will as well!

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